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TCA Peel Vs Levulan or IPL

Which of these treatments go deeper into the skin? Which one is better for dermal remodeling (collagen building)? READ MORE

Depth of Treatment from 35% TCA Peel?

How many percent (depth) does 35% TCA Peel target the skin's surface? I heard that Fraxel Laser (Restore) can target between 5% and 35% of the skin's... READ MORE

TCA Peel (8 to 12%) or IPL for a Little Skin Tightening?

I'm asian with very fair skin that freckles easily. I'm in my late 30's and have light brown/green eyes and medium brown hair. I'd... READ MORE

TCA or glycolic for lines & wrinkles?

I've been to 2 passes of 15% TCA and i feel it's doing nothing for my lines. When it comes to lines and acne scaring, which is best. TCA or glycolic... READ MORE

TCA Peel or Fraxel Lite (4 passes) for maximum collagen production. Which is more effective?

I'm considering both the TCA and Fraxel treatments for overall improvement of facial wrinkles, somewhat sagging jowl area and loose skin at upper and... READ MORE

Can punctual TCA treatment have the same results like TCA Cross? (photos)

I went to a dermatologist in my country and she recommended to me to treat my acne scars with punctual TCA peel (no TCA Cross).multiple treatments.... READ MORE

Will TCA peel and/ or ablative Fraxel help with my large pores and acne scars? (Photo)

Specially which treatments (lasers/peels) can help erase these scars and pores. And approximately what would it cost? READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation: TCA Peel, Lactic Acid Peel, etc? (Photo)

I have had acne scars for years now. I have been to many dermatologist over the years and nothing has seriously improved my skin until I created my... READ MORE

What is best for a 21 yr old w/ under eye wrinkles; several fruit acid peels or TCA peels? How long will results last? (photo)

I've been using retinol for 2 months but haven't seen any improvements at all, my fine lines are worse actually, I'll keep using it either way cause... READ MORE

Type II, IPL & fractional vet. Had a 25% TCA peel, 1 layer, 3 weeks ago. Fractional laser on Monday, any issues? (Photo)

Fractional laser: Alma Lasers Harmony XL Eribum Pixel Downtime: None. Results: Very good! 25% TCA (1 layer of peel solution) Downtime: 7 days!... READ MORE

TCA Peel? Laser? Or Topical creams? Combo? Not ready for surgery.

I have beginnings of skin loosening on my lower eyelid toward the inner eye. I'm 44. Want to smooth and tighten the area. I'm told lasers can cause... READ MORE

Can I go for a TCA chemical peel for first time?

It Has been 6 months since i completed my 6 months accutane course.Now i want to go for a chemical peel to get rid of Acne Scars.I haven't gone for a... READ MORE

Getting 8% Tca Peel, Can I Expect Similar Results to Glycolic Peel at 20%?

After doing sum research,I have decided to do the 8% tca peel.I have already done glycolic acid at 20 %. The glycolic acid really changed the texture... READ MORE

Cumulative 20% TCA peels vs stronger TCA peels?

Will I get improvements to skin texture by having a series of 20% TCA peels, or do I have to have increasingly strong TCA strengths, i.e. 20% then 30%... READ MORE

TCA Peel 15% vs Glycolic 40%. Will the GA 40%'s stinging sensation be worse than TCA 15%?

Greetings! I have done my TCA peel twice at home and I would like to have my first GA peel soon. So far I had frosting on my face after I applied the... READ MORE

I am just starting to see veritcal lines above lip, beginning of crows feet and uneven skin texture and tone

Could i benefit from Dermaplaning, with lactic acid, or dermaplaning and a tca peel? READ MORE

Results wise, how does the Sciton Nanolaser peel compare to TCA? (Photo)

Since December 2015, I've had 3 TCA peels, the last in March at 30%. It's been a very gradual process, but Im definitely seeing results. However, I... READ MORE

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