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Number of TCA Peel Treatments?

How many TCA chemical peel treatments would I need? I've been told they come courses of 4 treatments. Is this right ? READ MORE

How do I get a chemical burn from a face peel to heal? (photos)

I had an adult who had done the peel before give me one(using 40% lactic acid) Hers turned out fine, but I was left with burns where I had used a... READ MORE

I did TCA chemical peel 20%, and now my face looks darker. Any suggestions?

I am light skinned African American I did a 20 percent tca peel at home it has been over a mth now my face looks darker from the peel what do I do ? READ MORE

Is it true that "The Perfect Peel" is cancer-causing?

I googled how safe the chemicals are on the skin and came across some articles stating that "The Perfect Peel" can cause cancer due to the TCA in them... READ MORE

I have a lot of scars and big pores in my face; if I use TCA chemical peel it will be removed?

I m 28years old,, but altime m suffering with lots of acne on my face,, m using many products but no result READ MORE

I had a salicylic face peel and 100% TCA on 3 ice pick scars. When is it safe to resume breastfeeding?

How many days are the absorbed chemicals present in my bloodstream and breastmilk? READ MORE

Tattoo face camouflage for me at 9 months? (photos)

Got burned 9 months ago across entire forehead with a chemical peek. Tca to be has not improved since the week it happened. It's still bright... READ MORE

Marks On Forehead Not Responding to Treatments, What Should I Do?

I have these marks on my forehead and my forehead looks bad . The black round spot in the center is an injury mark and lots of small specks. Moreover... READ MORE

TCA peel, can I do another one?

I did a 15% TCA Peel July 29th. I did what the instructions told me to do. I left it on for 4 mins I didn't experience much frosting, around my 4 min... READ MORE

I had TCA peel while I'm still breastfeeding, should I throw the milk out?

I had TCA PEEL while I'm still breastfeeding, I wasn't aware that chemical peel is not recommended during nursing time, should I throw the milk or... READ MORE

Should a deep facial be done before a tca peel?

To me it makes more sense to get the chemical peel first than the tca peeling. READ MORE

What is the best to put on a face and neck chemical burn?

What is the best to put on a face and neck chemical burn READ MORE

After a at home TCA 18 % chemical peel how long should I wait before using hydroquinone on the treated areas?

I'm going to give myself a tca 18 % chemical peel on some dark and scared areas , I've previous used tca 15% successfully, how long do I have to wait... READ MORE

Applying sunscreen after 20% TCA peel. Any suggestions?

I got a 20% TCA peel in a dermatologist office 3 days ago. My skin is now starting to peel. I put on mineral sunscreen this morning without looking in... READ MORE

Is this a chemical burn and can it be healed? (Photo)

I used a tca 25% peel on my underarm (for darkness) and shoulder area (dark friction mark from a tight bra). I started with 15% at first and I did... READ MORE

On a TCA chemical peel, how many days after do I use aquaphor and preparation H for?

When can I go into hot yoga again & wear make up? Thank you! Shauna READ MORE

Do all chemical peels obtain TCA?

I am looking at getting a "obagi blue radience peel" or "jessner peel" but the place I am looking at states that in order to ado TCA it's at an... READ MORE

Can I do a TCA chemical peel about 20-25% to get rid of my ice-pick scars and then TCA cross later??

I have had 8-9 treatments of fraxel laser but it responded poorly to my ice-pick scars so is it safe to do the chemical peel in general, it has been a... READ MORE

Would like to know about medicine or treatment to remove dark patches from TCA peel on my cheeks & on my dark circles? (Photo)

Done TCA chemical only on cheeks and around eyes before 5 days. It is not change or even not flaking little bit after it was done. I have used 70% peel. READ MORE

What to do about pimples after a TCA 30% chemical peel? How soon can I get extractions or another treatment?

I had a 30% TCA peel done 4 days ago. I have started the peeling process and I have many white heads underneath the dead skin. Some are already coming... READ MORE

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