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For An African American Woman With Stretch Marks, Will TCA Peels Work?

TCA Peels for Stretchmarks and Other Markings...African American Girl. READ MORE

Can a TCA Peel Correct Badly-tanned Skin?

Will a TCA Peel restore badly-tanned fair skin? If yes, can it be done on both hands and face? What % would do it?     READ MORE

Will TCA Peel Help These Lines?

Hi, I have these horisontinal lines in my forehead, that I would love to even out. The lines are a bit deeper than showen on the picture. I have been... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a TCA Peel While Breastfeeding if I Pump & Dump a Period of Time?

I have extra breastmilk stores and am wondering if it would be safe for the baby if I had an 18% TCA peel, and if so how long should I pump and dump... READ MORE

Can I use the TCA peel on my legs? (Photo)

Hey guys. In desperate need of a answer. Whenever I go the dermatologist , my questions cannot be answer so I decided to come here to get real answers... READ MORE

Can 20% TCA Shrink Skin Around the Eyes After 2 or 3 Layers, Equal to That of a Laser?

Can 20% TCA shrink skin under eyes with one or more layers, like laser skin shrinking, as i cant afford erbium laser treatment and a chemical pell... READ MORE

Can 20% TCA Soften Smile Lines/Nose to Mouth Lines, and if So Can I Apply More Than Layer?

Can 20% TCA on face soften if not remove nose to mouth/smile lines, i know that there dynamic but have researched this in depth and most of what i... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA 12.5 Peel to Treat Blemish,blackhead and White Bumps Under my Skin? (photo)

I have acne about 2years and now im using the Larosett clay mask about 6weeks already,but my face seems have a lot of blemish and blackhead,red spot... READ MORE

Can I Have TCA Peels if I Have Recently Had Restylane?

After my 6 month accutane course, my acne is cleared. About a month ago, I had Restlyn injected to smooth some acne scars, and now I am interested in... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a TCA Peel to Senior of Irish Descent with Thin, Very Dry Skin?

What type of individual might not be a good candidate for a TCA peel in conjunction with a regular face lift? READ MORE

Can I get a TCA chemical peel done while on minocycline?

I am on 100 mg of minocycline twice a day. Would it be safe to get a chemical peel done for my acne scaring? READ MORE

Can I use a TCA peel for a port wine stain birthmark? (Photo)

I a m a dark skinned female and I have a port wine stain, do you think a TCA peel will remove or make It not noticeable on my face. if a TCA peel can... READ MORE

Can an African American get a TCA 10% peel done, then a TCA 20% done the next week (7 days apart)? (Photo)

Hi, I'm an African American female who has had about 3 glycolic acid peels in the past year and just did a 10%TCA peel this week on Monday. Since... READ MORE

Can I get TCA 15% done on my legs for hyperpigmentation on hair follicles? (Photo)

Can tca 15% be done on legs for hyperpigmentation on hair follicles...already had 2 sittings of glycolic 35%...stl not much difference...itz not kp..... READ MORE

Melasma treatment with chemical peels. How often can I get them done?

I have melasma and am allergic to hydroquinone. I have tried many hydroquione free topical treatments for my conditon, but they aren't effective. I... READ MORE

Is a TCA 20% peel considered light or medium?

Is a tca 20% considered a light superficial peel or a medium depth peel? And should one start at 20% or can I start higher maybe 30%? I had glycolic... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA Peel to Lighten Body Parts?

I am Indonesian with tanned skin. After my pregnancy, my underarm, inner thighs, elbows, and knees became noticeably darker. I was 120 lbs and became... READ MORE

Can I Use 20-25%tca Peel Even Though I Am Still 18 Years Old?

Can i use 20-25%tca peel even though i am still 18 years old...i really want to undergo tca peel because i want to get rid of my 12 years old bug bite... READ MORE

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