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Lactic Acid Peel Still Effective After TCA?

I was using lactic acid peels before using TCA peel and loved the results. However, after using TCA, my skin began feeling bumpy and sensitive. Can... READ MORE

Raised Areas After TCA Peel

I had a TCA Peel (medium plus) two months ago, and I'm having an allergic reaction,  forming raised sufaces (some are red). On Thursday, I... READ MORE

How to Prepare for 8% TCA Peel Treatment?

What kind of preparations do I need for an 8% TCA peel and can I spot treat a few places around my mouth with it? Also, I want to do a whole face feel... READ MORE

Bumps from TCA Peel

Why do I have bumps on the area where I did a TCA Peel? They only show up when I sweat or workout. What is it and how do I get rid of it? READ MORE

White bumps clogged pores. Even squeezing stuff out won't make them go away tried 3 TCA peels and still no difference!

Ive had acne for over 15 years and tried every product under the sun although I don't have that many spots I have major bad clogged pores on my chin... READ MORE

Are Slight Bumps Just Outside of the Area Where TCA Peel Applied Normal?

I recently did my first TCA peel on my face (lowest %)-2 days later I started noticing slightly raised bumps on the skin behind my ears extending down... READ MORE

Any suggestions on TCA peel? (photos)

I have already done 4 sections of tca peel! I purchased my products from make up artist choice ! On my first peel my skin broke out and they told me... READ MORE

Will this type of hyperpigmentation respond well to a TCA peel? (photos)

I rarely get acne any more, but I used to have tiny red bumps all over my face which left this type of pigmentation. I'm hoping tca peels can fade it... READ MORE

TCA 30% leaves skin beautiful, though on my chest I develop benign bumps, like giant skin tags which slowly shrink over 3mos

Age50, Med/Fair, excellent skin care/sunscreen, former sunworshiper but not much visible damage. Have used Retin-A for years, now 2 layers TCA30%... READ MORE

White bumps after 25% TCA peel (Photo)

Alright so I did a tca peel on my neck elbows and knees it's day 4 and my knees and elbows are reacting fine but now I have little white bumps all... READ MORE

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