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TCA Peel for Back Acne Scars?

Is it safe to get a TCA peel of 30% on my back for acne scars? This is going to be my first time using any kind of peel. I think I should use a... READ MORE

Can TCA Peel Be Used on Arms and Back?

I was wondering if I can use the 50% TCA peel on my arms and back because I have acne and "white dots" under the skin. I have acne on face... READ MORE

Best TCA Peel Strength to Start with on the Body?

What is the best TCA Peel strength to start with for the shoulders, back, and chest? I have many pimple scars on these areas and would like... READ MORE

TCA Peel or Laser Treatment for Raised Back Acne Scars?

Is TCA peel recommended for raised acne scars on my back or is laser treatment a better choice? I have a lot of acne scars on my upper back--almost a... READ MORE

25% TCA for Back Scars (Dark Skin)?

I Am a Darked Skinned Person Thinking of Using a 25% Tca for Scars on my Back. is this strength too weak? too strong? should I be doing any thing... READ MORE

30% TCA peel for back acne scars?

I had a TCA peel done on the upper part of my back to reduce acne scars about 7mths ago. It worked, but I know that I need to get other ones done to... READ MORE

How Do I Know if PIH from a Chemical Peel is Permanent?

In what situations would post inflammatory hyperpigmentaion from a chemical peel be permanent? I am fair skinned and a TCA 25% peel I performed on my... READ MORE

Tca Peeling After Tattoo Laser Removal PLEASE Help? (photo)

I had a tattoo on my back and I removed it by laser. It was only black and the laser made a good job by removing the ink, BUT now it looks like I have... READ MORE

Can I mix 15 % or 25% TCA with 70% GLYCOLIC acid ?

Im planing to do a peel on my back , arms and some parts on my legs. I need to know if is possible to mix this 2 product with out any damage (burning... READ MORE

What strength (%) of TCA peel to remove the dark spots on back in one session? (Photo)

I have been struggling with back acne when I was younger. Right now, I don't get any pimples but was left with many scars. I would like to know what... READ MORE

TCA % on back?

Hello, my skin color is between olive and tan I had acnes on my back years ago that left hyperpigmentation only, not scars. Planning to do a tca peel... READ MORE

Dark Purple Colour Patch On My Back After TCA Peel?

I have had a 18% TCA peel and day 2 have noticed a dark purple colour patch on my back. What is this? Will the skin peel or will the colour patch... READ MORE

What type of peel should I use to remove acne moderate scarring on my back?

I'm 21, and finally the acne on my back has reduced. I tend to scar easily and it stays for a while( for just a lil over a year if I luck out)- I... READ MORE

TCA Peeling After a Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I had a tattoo on my back and I removed it by laser. It was only black and the laser made a good job by removing the ink, BUT now it looks like I have... READ MORE

How should I treat hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation area after tca peel? (Photo)

I have done tca peel(on my shoulders and back) 5 month ago by a dermatologist doctor. but i got hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation area , without... READ MORE

I was diagnose with rosacea. Which area can I put the TCA?

I was diagnose with rosea.. Since dec 2013 it suppose to take 6weeks to clear all the way but mine left me with spot discoloration is been 8 months... READ MORE

Would a TCA peel be safe on the back and chest area?

I have acne and lots of dark spots on back. Since my skin tone is tan and I have some white stripes on my back side I'm scared of pigmentationl. I... READ MORE

TCA peel 15% on my back and feet?

Can i tca peel 15% on my back and feet to remove blackness. I have even ton but on my back and feet have some blackness and its looks ugly so plz tell... READ MORE

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