Aftercare + TCA Peel

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Aftercare for a 100% TCA peel, applied 3x daily. To fix a brand/ scarification that was improperly treated 4 years ago. Deltoid

I used a 100% TCA peel 3x daily about a week ago on my left shoulder/ deltoid . Any advise on after care, I will provide before and current pictures... READ MORE

What is the real efficacy of a TCA peel (done correctly) to fade a tattoo?

I see a lot of dumb questions, and a lot of boxed up answers that sound like they're paid for by a fictional lobbyist from the laser tattoo removal... READ MORE

50% TCA Peel Second Degree Burn: Healing and Scarring? (photo)

I burned my legs about a month ago when I did the peel. The leg is still red, raw, itchy wound. The primary doctor I saw 3x was hydrofilming it... READ MORE

How to Care for Skin After TCA Peel?

Hello, how should one take care of skin after a TCA peel? I use Retin-a on face, but am hesitant to use under eyes. I just finished peeling under eyes... READ MORE

TCA Cross After care? Please help!

My dermatologist had confused me during the consultation and I am not sure what to do for proper after care. How long until I can start washing my... READ MORE

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