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For An African American Woman With Stretch Marks, Will TCA Peels Work?

TCA Peels for Stretchmarks and Other Markings...African American Girl. READ MORE

Is 30% TCA Peel Safe for African American Skin?

I would like to use the 30% TCA peel for my stretch marks that appear lighter than my skin tone. I am a dark skinned African American. Will this be... READ MORE

I Have African American Skin and I Wanted to Know What % of TCA I Should Use and How Should I Prep my Skin? (photo)

Im an african american female and I've had stretch marks since I was in elem school on my arms, stomach, back n chest. Im now 20 and really self... READ MORE

What is the Best Type of TCA Peel for an African American Male w/ Acne Scarring?

I am a African America male, And I have acne scarring all over my face, with the worst being on both sides of my chin. Also, what would be the best... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Burn Scars from 50% TCA Chemical Peel?

Hello, I did a 50% at home chemical peel. It was from a 100% grade, I was instructed to do 50%. However, later I learned that this is too high, and... READ MORE

I Used a 15% TCA Peel and Had No Frosting or Peeling. I'm African-American, Can I Go Up to 20%?

I've had peels applied professionally before, but in efforts to save money, I gave myself an at-home chemical peel with 15% TCA. I noticed that I did... READ MORE

Will a TCA Peel be Effective on an African American Woman?

I am a dark skinned black female (Naomi Campbell Complexion) and I want to do a effective chemical peel. How well would a TCA 20% peel work? I now... READ MORE

Did I permanently discolor my face with a TCA peel? (photo)

I am a black female and my coworker and I did a tca peel on my face Its been two weeks today and it's very dark and splotchy Some spots are light I... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Tattoo Removal on African American Skin?

I got a tattoo on my right wrist that says "know thyself" in english and a matching one that says "temet nosce" on the right wrist... READ MORE

TCA Peel, Black Woman; When will my color return and will it be even? (photo)

I'm an a 34 year-old african American female. (Kerry Washington completed)I administered the 30 tca peel on 6 days ago on my face and neck. 6 minutes.... READ MORE

Vi Peel or 12-15% TCA Peel for African American Skin? (photo)

I've had vitalize peels and rejuvenize peels, but now I want something deeper to clear my hyper pigmentation. Which would be best and give me the best... READ MORE

TCA Peel permanent damage? (photo)

I decided to do a 30% tca peel on my acne scars and to also correct hyper pigmentation from my last tca peel I did, I decided to leave in on a little... READ MORE

Can an African American get a TCA 10% peel done, then a TCA 20% done the next week (7 days apart)? (Photo)

Hi, I'm an African American female who has had about 3 glycolic acid peels in the past year and just did a 10%TCA peel this week on Monday. Since... READ MORE

Should I get a stronger TCA peel or stay at 10%?

I got a TCA peel 4 days ago that was 10% strength. I have not experienced any horrible peeling, however, my skin is a bit tight and dry. I am African... READ MORE

TCA Peel to Help Dark Spots on African-American Skin?

I understand a similar question has already been asked, but I too am African American, with a caramel complexion and large dark spots on both sides of... READ MORE

15% Tca Peel on Afro-caribbean 21 Year Old? (photo)

I did a 15% tca peel about 5 days ago on certain parts of my face where I had blemishes/hyperpigmentation. My skin is still peeling and the new skin... READ MORE

African American Male- Tca Peel 25% Left Big Brown Spots, What Can I Do?

I'm an African american male light skinned I have a real big problem with picking my acme and had realbad scarring So I used a 25% TCA Peel love... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA Peel 10% on Hyperpigmentation from Poison Ivy/infection on the Legs? (photo)

I am african american,11 years back i had a reaction to the poison ivy and got infected in those areas afterwards, which left huge dark spots on my... READ MORE

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