6 Weeks Post-op + TCA Peel

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Will a Lighter TCA Peel Fix Hyperpigmentation Caused from a High TCA Peel?

About 6 weeks ago I did a 45% tca peel on a mark on my back (It was a bit high i know) and it has since fully healed, but it has left a slight dark... READ MORE

Scars left from TCA peel. What do you recommend I do? (Photo)

On December 2nd I had a 35% TCA peel done by a plastic surgeon. The inflammation Is down because of the topical steroids I was given. Now I get to see... READ MORE

Why does my face flush from pink to red on certain days? (Photo)

I had a deep chemical peel 48 days ago. My healing is going very well. Most days I see the redness fading to pink, but then I will flush red for... READ MORE

I applied 10% TCA peel about 6 weeks ago to my face & neck, now my face is itchy & it is still peeling in some areas (Photo)

I've tried aveno calamine lotion, aveno baby wash, cortizone cream & aloe gel, unfortunately my face starts stinging when I apply any of them..Rinsing... READ MORE

75% Blue TCA on Mole? (photo)

Hi there i stupidly used a 75% blue tca on a mole and have attatched a photo. it is now month and a half on if someone could explain whats going on... READ MORE

Still have red places from 65% TCA peel 6 weeks ago - any products you recommend.

Had 65% TCA peel 6 weeks ago. Skin peeled nicely and most of redness is gone. I can cover with makeup of course - but it's troubling that the redness... READ MORE

Is 6 weeks between TCA 12% (first) & IPL enough time? And is 7 months between 1st & 2nd IPL laser treatment still effective?

I had a TCA 12% peel done in a skinclinic 6 weeks ago, and this week I get IPL for red acne scars done, is this enough time in between? My skin is... READ MORE

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