4 Days Post-op + TCA Peel

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I Recently Used a 50% Tca Peel to Remove a Tattoo Its Been 5days and the Tca Still Hasnt Peeled, Why?

Im getting worried because the actual area where i applied the tca now looks like a big burnt scar, there has been no peeling whatsoever yet and its... READ MORE

TCA Peel At-Home and Left With Dark Spots?

I recently did a chemical peel, read up on it and orded the product on line, TCA Peel 30%. I did it once and didn't do anything to my spots, so I... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post tca 25% armpit peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

The skin under my armpit is showing no signs of peeling. Is my skin damaged.? READ MORE

My Chemical Peel Didn't Peel?

I did the chemical peel to try and remove a tattoo. I diluted 100% TCA in a bottle cap, half tca and half distilled water. I applied it for about two... READ MORE

25 % TCA peel healing or not? (Photo)

I did 25 % TCA peel 4 days back.. The scabs formed in few hrs.. They have all fallen off now.. And revealed reddish new skin underneath.. I kept it... READ MORE

Burn from TCA peel!

Hi, I did a TCA peel 30% and on the 3rd day most of my skin peeled. My skin is now red, blotchy and looks burnt. I can't move my face much because of... READ MORE

Is this normal for a TCA 25 peel? (photos)

Hello doctors, I recently had a tca 25 peel at my dermatologist, she used 2 drams exactly 8ml of tca does my skin look normal I am peeling in... READ MORE

TCA full-face peel 30% 4 days after TCA Cross 30% - worried about scarring?

I had a TCA Cross 30% done last June 24, 2016 (Friday) then after about 3 days, scabs have formed. I have accidentally scratched off one or two of the... READ MORE

Is this normal? How long do I have to wait before resuming use of my tretinoin gel? (Photos)

I did a 15% TCA peel 4 days ago. I kept it on for nearly 15 minutes total while paying multiple layers. I frosted nearly all over my face, and kept... READ MORE

Can I redo my TCA peel? It doesn't seem to be working

I did a TCA 15% and its day 4...my skin isn't tight..nor is it brown or peeling...its not even dry my skin feels and looks like I never did it. Can I... READ MORE

TCA peel; been using to for 4 days now. Most of my skin has peeled and there's a lot of redness?

I used a Tca peel to get rid of a scar and it is now the 4ths day, Most of the skin has peeled of and now I am just left with loads of redness!... READ MORE

Could it be skin damage after skin peeling? I had TCA peel 4 days post op.

I got a Jessner/TCA peel. 4 min Jessner followed by 15% TCA for 30 sec. The area on my forehead that I have attached a picture of peeled 2 days after... READ MORE

Hot, red and stingy 4th day post TCA peel on my hands and arms. How long to heal a deep TCA peel?

Is the red, hot and stingy sensation post 40% TCA peel 4 days ago on my fair skinned hands and lower arms to be expected? Frosting occurred at 37:00.... READ MORE

White bumps after 25% TCA peel (Photo)

Alright so I did a tca peel on my neck elbows and knees it's day 4 and my knees and elbows are reacting fine but now I have little white bumps all... READ MORE

face problem

Use in tca peel at home 25% completed in 4days and remove layer in face my face one place is red and other place light dark i am request solve my prblem READ MORE

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