2 Weeks Post-op + TCA Peel

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2nd Tca Cross Treatment It's Been Almost 2 Weeks and Scars Are Still There Will They Continue to Improve More?

I just had my second treatment of tca cross done, two weeks this Friday I've had more improvement but there still there! will I continue to see... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Redness of the Upper Lip Skin After 15% TCA Peel? (photo)

It's been 2 weeks since all the skin on my upper lip peeled of. But it's still red. What can I do? Please help me. READ MORE

Normal for Face to Be Dark After a TCA Peel?

I had a TCA peel two weeks ago. My skin started peeling a day or so later and carried on peeling for ten days after. It has now been 15 days since, my... READ MORE

Scars from a TCA Peel, Are They Permanent?

I had my first TCA peel two weeks ago.The doctor used 30% TCA for a minute or even less.I see skin texture improvements but I've noticed that now... READ MORE

Did I permanently discolor my face with a TCA peel? (photo)

I am a black female and my coworker and I did a tca peel on my face Its been two weeks today and it's very dark and splotchy Some spots are light I... READ MORE

Q-switched Laser After Peel?

Hello, I had a TCA peel (medium) on my face two weeks ago. It is healed, just some pinkness. I have melisma and was hoping the peel would help, but... READ MORE

Had a TCA Cross Procedure Done on a Small Punch Excision Scar. Is This Safe?

I had this procedure done by a reputable plastic surgeon two weeks ago. The original scar started as a dilated pore. I had a punch excision back in... READ MORE

If I Get a 25% TCA Two Weeks After my Botox and Juvederm Will It Make the Injections Dissipate Faster?

If I Get a 25% TCA Two Weeks After my Botox and Juvederm Will It Make the Injections Dissipate Faster? READ MORE

TCA 12.5 Peel 2.5 weeks ago.....Will this go away or will it be permanent? (photo)

Hello. I had a 10 percent peel done about 2 months ago at a dictors office with very little peeling. I did the second peel at a 12.5 percent at the... READ MORE

TCA 20 peel. Almost two weeks and still a lot of unpeeled skin. Concerned. Is this normal?

I had a TCA 20 peel in the dermatologist's office 13 days ago. There is still a lot of unpeeled skin on my cheeks and temples. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

How do I hide the scars of tca peels? (photos)

I've peeling with tca and today after 17 day i have scars what is the cure . How much time to remove these scars READ MORE

Safe acne products after a 20% TCA chemical peel?

Two weeks ago I did a home tca peel for my acne and acne scar. 8 days after my face was all clear and beautiful but now im breaking out again. Im so... READ MORE

Burnt my Face with a 30% Tca Peel, What Can I Put on It to Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I am half black, half lebanese and tried to do spot treatment on my ice pick/boxar acne scars and unfortunately burnt my face pretty badly. I went to... READ MORE

TCA 35% Peel on my Face 2 Weeks Ago. Developing Darker Spots/PIH. Doctor Gave Me Tenovate Ointment Steroid? (photo)

Now my question is the browning spot caused by PIH is having Center pinkish. Is it a good sign? My doctor told he is giving me heavy steroid to... READ MORE

Red Spot After 50% Tca Peel?

Roughly 2 weeks ago I used a 50% TCA on my face until it whittened up then I washed it off. Now one side of my face seems to be back to normal with... READ MORE

Face/Neck Lift - TCA Peel and Fat Transfer?

Asian Male darker skin. 16 days ago -Performed by a well known Surgeon with very good reviews Everything was done the same day. TCA Peel ( 25% - 3... READ MORE

I Got 50% Tca from Amazon for Skin Tags Very Bad Idea. What Can I Do to Help Heal?

It's been two weeks now and very dry and stings at times can I use moisturiser or sporn to help heal this very bad idea I did.. please help I have... READ MORE

2 weeks ago I had a TCA peel and now I have some lighter and darker skin tones on my face. Will this fade? (Photo)

I've had a TCA peel. I am done peeling now. First week I didn't even leave home and now I use spf 50 when leaving home. However, I have some lighter... READ MORE

How can I reduce redness after 15 % TCA peel and is it normal to have redness 15 days after the peel?

I had a 15 % TCA peel before 15 days to help improve my acne scars. BUT not only it didn't improved anything but also i had new pimple breaking out... READ MORE

TCA peel on my legs (Photo)

Hi, i did a tca peel on mi leg, for strech marks, and it have been almost two week and i doest peel but the skin look wrinkle, i dont know what to do... READ MORE

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