2 Days Post-op + TCA Peel

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TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks? (photo)

2 days ago i did a 50% TCA peel on my stomach stretch marks. I have done peels in the past with great results. Right now the majority of my stomach is... READ MORE

How Long WIll Brown Spots Post TCA Peel Last?

I am 2 days post TCA 20% peel. I have dark brown spots in the test area which don't appear to be flaking yet. I do however have flaking/peeling on... READ MORE

I did a 24% TCA peel 48 hours ago. It is incredibly red and brown- it looks burned Is this normal? What should I expect? (photo)

This is not my first T.C.A peel- I have built up from 12% to 15% 18% and 21% percent before I did the 24%. This seems much deeper than the other... READ MORE

How long does peeling start after a TCA peel?

I recently did a tca 25% peel under my extremely dark armpits. It's been about 2 days I'm experiencing darker and tight skin. I haven't however... READ MORE

Are Slight Bumps Just Outside of the Area Where TCA Peel Applied Normal?

I recently did my first TCA peel on my face (lowest %)-2 days later I started noticing slightly raised bumps on the skin behind my ears extending down... READ MORE

48 hours after 20% TCA peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

I recently got a 20% TCA peel. It's been almost 48 hours (Sept. 5, around 7pm). My forehead and chin have browned nicely but my cheeks are red-brown.... READ MORE

Elidel after harsh TCA peel? What about topical NSAIDs?

Without getting into details because it's too upsetting, I had what should have been a light peel two days ago. The wrong bottle? Strength? Who knows,... READ MORE

TCA 25%. My face is really tight (Photo)

Ok I don't want to Jump to conclusions, it's only day 2 of my tca peel. But the tca peel went deeper into other areas of my face. My face is really... READ MORE

Is this normal 2 days post TCA 30% peel??

I had a 30% TCA peel 2 days ago. I had peels before at 15%, Doctor put strength up to 30%, advised that it would burn more but I had no idea that it... READ MORE

30% TCA, is this normal? (photos)

Hi, this is day 2 following a 30% TCA peel. About an hour after the peel was completed, my skin browned in this spot one left cheek. It has continued... READ MORE

Swollen Face After Tca Peel, Is It Normal?

I had a 12.5% TCA peel done on my face 2 days ago and now my face (especially around my eyes)is completely swollen. WIll this go away? what can i do... READ MORE

Skin very dark after TCA peel. Will it peel? (photo)

Hello. I had a tca chemical peel done on my melasma mustache by a beauty specialist. Only my skin now is very dark and tight. It's now day 2 after the... READ MORE

How long will a 25% TCA chemical peel on the abdomen take to heal?

I did a 25% TCA chemical peel on my stomach 48 hours ago. I have quite a bit of redness, a couple small blisters that formed (and subsequently burst... READ MORE

Pain after TCA 30% Chemical Peel? (Photo)

Hello and all, Two days ago I did a 30% TCA peel on myself to remove my "severe ingrown hair scars" and now I am experiencing pain on my leg. If I... READ MORE

I did a 15% TCA peel 2 days ago. Very little peeling is occurring.

I purchased my peel kit from Skin Solutions and followed the instructions, but I feel that I need to do more to get the peel going. How long must I... READ MORE

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