2 Days Post-op + TCA Peel

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TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks? (photo)

2 days ago i did a 50% TCA peel on my stomach stretch marks. I have done peels in the past with great results. Right now the majority of my stomach is... READ MORE

How Long WIll Brown Spots Post TCA Peel Last?

I am 2 days post TCA 20% peel. I have dark brown spots in the test area which don't appear to be flaking yet. I do however have flaking/peeling on... READ MORE

I did a 24% TCA peel 48 hours ago. It is incredibly red and brown- it looks burned Is this normal? What should I expect? (photo)

This is not my first T.C.A peel- I have built up from 12% to 15% 18% and 21% percent before I did the 24%. This seems much deeper than the other... READ MORE

Are Slight Bumps Just Outside of the Area Where TCA Peel Applied Normal?

I recently did my first TCA peel on my face (lowest %)-2 days later I started noticing slightly raised bumps on the skin behind my ears extending down... READ MORE

How long does peeling start after a TCA peel?

I recently did a tca 25% peel under my extremely dark armpits. It's been about 2 days I'm experiencing darker and tight skin. I haven't however... READ MORE

48 hours after 20% TCA peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

I recently got a 20% TCA peel. It's been almost 48 hours (Sept. 5, around 7pm). My forehead and chin have browned nicely but my cheeks are red-brown.... READ MORE

Elidel after harsh TCA peel? What about topical NSAIDs?

Without getting into details because it's too upsetting, I had what should have been a light peel two days ago. The wrong bottle? Strength? Who knows,... READ MORE

TCA 25%. My face is really tight (Photo)

Ok I don't want to Jump to conclusions, it's only day 2 of my tca peel. But the tca peel went deeper into other areas of my face. My face is really... READ MORE

Is this normal 2 days post TCA 30% peel??

I had a 30% TCA peel 2 days ago. I had peels before at 15%, Doctor put strength up to 30%, advised that it would burn more but I had no idea that it... READ MORE

Swollen Face After Tca Peel, Is It Normal?

I had a 12.5% TCA peel done on my face 2 days ago and now my face (especially around my eyes)is completely swollen. WIll this go away? what can i do... READ MORE

Skin very dark after TCA peel. Will it peel? (photo)

Hello. I had a tca chemical peel done on my melasma mustache by a beauty specialist. Only my skin now is very dark and tight. It's now day 2 after the... READ MORE

How long will a 25% TCA chemical peel on the abdomen take to heal?

I did a 25% TCA chemical peel on my stomach 48 hours ago. I have quite a bit of redness, a couple small blisters that formed (and subsequently burst... READ MORE

Pain after TCA 30% Chemical Peel? (Photo)

Hello and all, Two days ago I did a 30% TCA peel on myself to remove my "severe ingrown hair scars" and now I am experiencing pain on my leg. If I... READ MORE

I did a 15% TCA peel 2 days ago. Very little peeling is occurring.

I purchased my peel kit from Skin Solutions and followed the instructions, but I feel that I need to do more to get the peel going. How long must I... READ MORE

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