1 Day Post-op + TCA Peel

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Is it normal to get hyperpigmentation with in 24 hours after a TCA peel? Will it go away? Is this normal?

I am white, have no sun exposure, and finished my first TCA peel. About 12 hours after peel I have brown areas on my face. Is this normal? READ MORE

I did TCA 35% home peel 24 hours ago. I got a sore and heterogeneous coloration. What can I do to avoid scars or spots? (Photo)

I did TCA 35% home peel 24 hours ago by myself. Im using sunblock, Eau Thermale Avène, and neutral moisturizer for babies.I only left the acid act ... READ MORE

Do burn marks immediately post 25% tca peel dissappear and how long does it take to disappear?

I used a 25% tca peel yesterday and in the process, reapplied it on areas where I had acne scars. Those spots then turned white and eventually turned... READ MORE

Did at-home TCA peel. Will the redness disappear? (Photo)

20 Years Old TCA 30% by Planet Eden At Home I am bit worry I put the TCA peel for 1 minute and did everything by instruction. It is been 24 hours... READ MORE

TCA peel. Did my skin burn this time? (Photo)

I had a TCA peel done yesterday at a spa. I've had quite a few done over the years but this time is the first time I was left with brown/pink patches... READ MORE

Brown patch on skin after 30% TCA chemical peel. What's the cause? (Photo)

Are brown patches on skin normal a day after 30% tca chemical peel? Also, can they be caused by excercising after getting a chemcial peel? READ MORE

Can I apply another application of TCA 20%? It has been 2 hours and not much frosting.

I applied 60% glycolic acid then two applications of 20% TCA. I got light frosting immediately but not all over. READ MORE

Brown spots after TCA peel, will they go away? (Photos)

The whole reason I did a 30% TCA peel was to get rid of a few melasma spots. I did the peel yesterday. Now, I have brown everywhere! Will this go... READ MORE

What are the stages I am to expect after a 35% TCA peel?

I had a 35% TCA peel yesterday and it seems, one day later my face is swollen, red and my freckles are quite dark. READ MORE

I'm Gin from the Philippines! I had TCA 30% yesterday but it started swelling and itchy after few hours. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had TCA peel 30% solutions yesterday around 3pm Philippines time and after few hours the itchiness and swelling occured. Should I be worried? Do I... READ MORE

TCA 20 percent peel. Do I have to wait for another 3 weeks to go for a stronger peel?

I did my first TCA 20 peel yesterday, did feel some stinging sensation, being the second day of the peel i can barely see any changes on my skin. Skin... READ MORE

Chemical peel done today.

I had a chemical peel done today. I am of medium skin tone Indian decent, can i use my Hydroquinone 6 % Retinoic Acid 0.25 % ,Hydrocortisone 1 % READ MORE

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