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yellow ink + Tattoo Removal

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Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal

As of now I'm being treated with the Yag and Ruby lasers to remove a tattoo I got back in Dec. of 2013. After a deep depression and getting past the fact I had gotten the tattoo, I figured tattoo removal was best for me. The tattoo I had gotten was done by the same artist right after I had... READ MORE

Half Sleeve Color Tattoo Removal Need a Big Support !! - Australia

I'm so depressed since got a new half sleeve i regret from first moment i couldn't do anything couldn't sleep only thinking what is on my arm i really badly want it to go asap!!! now i made appointment for consult to two clinic one is use picosure the other one is picoway( he brought picoway... READ MORE

Really Need Professional Advice for my Super Big and Colorful Tattoo

I'm being crazy with my tattoo, i have no idea why i did it 2 months ago. I've been regretting day by day because my mistake. Now i feel like my life will be ruined and i'm so desparate because this tattoo, I've researched a lot of information about tattoo removal in this web, as far as i've... READ MORE

HELP! - Need to Get Something off my Chest (Literally and Figuratively) - Toronto, ON

Hi there, I'm so grateful to have stumbled on this site, as I am desperately seeking some guidance. I got 2 tattoos on my chest area on April 3rd, and am in a terrible world of regret. These are not my first tattoos and ones which I had thought about for some time, but the execution wasn't... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Color Tattoo Sleeve

Well, first of all thanks to all of you to help me with your experiences and making mee dont feel alone in this hard time. Now im realy having a bad bad time, from the moment i end up my tattoo i didn use short sleeve t shirt any more. Thanks here is winter, but i dont know what i will do when... READ MORE

Rejuvi removal- London, GB

I chose rejuvi for tattoo removal as laser is inaffective with the pink, yellow and white ink in my tattoo has.The process is similar to the tattooing process the rejuvi is tattooed onto the tattoo and brings the ink up wigh it to form a scab. This must be kept dry as scarring will occur if not.... READ MORE

Large, Muti-color (W/ Large Orange, Green, Yellow) Tattoo Removal - Austin, TX

Amazing work by Brandon. The picosure laser is all it is cracked up to be. My very large (and very ugly) tattoo with exceptional color has almost completely disappeared after just 3 treatments.There was no scabbing or broken skin. It did blister but this is normal I think. 1 more treatment to... READ MORE

19 Years Old Regrets 4th Tattoo - Winnipeg, MB

Hello my name is Breanne, I am im desperate need of support. I have a tattoo in front on my right shoulder blade it has many different colors including black, pink, white, yellow, blue, green and more! I am wondering if its worth entering the process of laser removal? I feel this tattoo is... READ MORE

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