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Q-Switch, PicoSure, Revlite and Engliten

Like the title mentions, I have been treated with 4 different lasers and have had 19 treatments over the course of 5 years. As you can imagine, I’m pretty devastated over the fact that the tattoo is not only still there but also very visible. And on top of that, I have moderate to severe s... READ MORE

Young and a Mistake - Fort Worth, TX

I got this tattoo on my 18th birthday and it was on impulse. Four months later and I'm so unhappy with it, it's not a bad tattoo it's just so large and in a very visible spot on my leg. I think about how much I hate it multiple times a day, getting it effected my life so much, I can no longer... READ MORE

Horrible Mistake and I Hate It! Memphis, Tennessee

I have had about 20 treatments and my tattoo is still visible. I had to take a break for financial reasons, but I still have faith that this thing will disappear sooner than later. I actually have 10 tattoos and regret every one of them. I was fearless when I got them and could care less about... READ MORE

silly neck tattoo .... older now and realizing my career potential - Memphis, TN

I'm Frank Jones III (22 years old) from Memphis, TN. About 5 years I decided to get a tattoo and I was thinking if I'm going to get one I want it to be VISIBLE. Wtf was I thinking lol. Here I am 17 yrs old walking around high school with a neck tattoo looking ridiculous. At the time I didn't... READ MORE

Left with a Ghost of a Tattoo -San Jose, CA

Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a tattoo at a convention. Although I was pretty certain of what I wanted, I had not taken the time to size and place it properly and the end result was a tattoo that was not only too large for my small frame, but it was placed too far out on my... READ MORE


Hi! so i got a new tattoo last weekend i already wrote a forum post about it because i wasnt sure how reviews worked i wasnt aware of them so.. i got my tattoo and its just very small, on the side of my wrist so its very visible always... and two days after i got it i immediately... READ MORE

Wanting to Remove Part of a New Tattoo Due to Anxiety. Not Sure Which Laser to Use. Help! Centennial, CO

I have been reading people's posts on here for about 2 months now and decided to finally share my story in hopes of getting some questions and concerns answered. I got my first tattoo at the end of December. A good friend who is a very talented tattoo artist did it professionally and I do love... READ MORE

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