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Any Advice on Removing This Tattoo - London, GB

So I have been waiting a few years for a tattoo, and I finally got it done and I am so unhappy with it and just want to get rid of it. I only had this done in September so I understand I need to wait till January to start laser removal. I don't know whether to try a picolaser or stick to a... READ MORE

Huge Mistake Slowly Being Erased - Exeter, GB

After living with this monstrosity for the best part of a decade I finally took the plunge a year ago and started laser treatment. Had 2 sessions at one place, her attitude made me feel uncomfortable so looked around and found somewhere where I feel totally at ease. im starting to feel a weight... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Knuckles - Great Britain

I don't hate the tattoo, but I have come to hate the negative attention I've experienced because of it and it does concern me how it might affect me as I get older and not being able to conceal it whatsoever. So I've decided to get it lasered at SK:N clinic in Manchester Uk. It's costing me... READ MORE

Tattoo Regret, Onwards to Removal - Reading, GB

On the 3rd of January 2016 I dove into getting my first two tattoos. The first tattoo put on my body fills me with joy, the second however has left a mark on me that has shaken me up. The concept of the tattoo I loved and still do love. It represents me, but the execution, the size, the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal. Two Years Down the Line. (GB)

About two and a half years ago I decided I wanted to remove four tattoos that I have on my arms (two on each arm). I had the tattoos done about twenty years ago. Kids eh? :) With this in mind I began to research into laser tattoo removal. As luck would have it I came across a specialist laser... READ MORE

Removing my Ex's Name - Using FracTAT Tattoo Removal Procedure at BEAUTONICS Kent UK

Been to BEAUTONICS before about 2 years ago was pleased with price and result. They have since upgraded to a FOTONA lasers. Went back to remove large ex's name on my forearm. Was not looking forward to removal at all, but tattoo removal is what it is. Thought about using Picosure, but I... READ MORE

Two Unwanted Tattoos Removed in 45 Mins - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I recently visited the clinic for surgical tattoo removal. Amir and 2 assistants were so reassuring and made sure I knew everything that was going on. 1 month later my scar is fading rapidly as I was told and the aftercare I have received has been great! The staff at Bella Vuo are second to... READ MORE

Instant Regret, Too Big and Bulky. Miss my Plain Skin :( - London, GB

Hi All, I have spent most of today in a state of panic and shock at what I have done to myself. I have two small tattoos on each wrist and I love those. But yesterday, I decided to go for something I had been dreaming of for years - a crown and rose. I knew something was wrong when I saw the... READ MORE

I Need Help. Where Can I Start Getting my Tattoos Removed (UK Midlands)

I have a lot of tattoos that I regret. I have tattoos on my arms, legs, chest and palms. I started getting tattooed when I was about 17, it was a time when I was in a mentally unwell and pretty self destructive, I had no idea what my future was so I didn't care about getting tattooed. Since... READ MORE

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