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Tattoo Removal - Manitoba, MB

The overall experience was great. The clinic manager and staff never made me feel uncomfortable as I came in to have an embarrassing tattoo surgically removed… At the consult Dr. Islur and the manager answered all my questions and concerns and never once made me feel stupid! I had the surgery a... READ MORE

Watercolour Tree - Flensburg, DE

Hello, I got a watercolour tree on my left arm two month ago. At first I liked how it turned out. A few days later I was not so sure about it anymore. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I fell uncomfortable to show it around (which is impossible in summer). I wanted my lettering to be... READ MORE

"Emotional" Tattoo Shock - Dearborn Heights, MI

I'm not sure if others have gone through this, but I felt instant regret and shock the same night I had gotten my tattoo done. I did not rush into it. I spend over 4 years researching and thinking about it. The process was simple and nearly painless. I was so thankful that the process was over.... READ MORE


I would highly recommend RenovoMD for a tattoo removal procedure. The staff is friendly and helpful. They make you feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. The office is clean, inviting and beautiful! The tattoo removal procedure is quick and easy. I applied numbing cream 1 hour prior... READ MORE

Terrible Experience During Free Tattoo Removal Consult - Buffalo, NY

I had a free consult for PicoSure laser tattoo removal this morning. After reading the consent form I was having second thoughts about the procedure, but decided to stay to talk to the doctor about my concerns. Kay B., The dermatologist or RN (not sure which) who saw me had no empathy for my... READ MORE

Neck Tattoo Removal Overdue - Metairie, LA

Contrary to popular belief laser tattoo removal is painless with numbing. I experienced my first treatment today at Rose Dermatology in Metairie and it was a success. The only uncomfortable part was the injections for the numbing and it was painful if your ok with getting shots. The laser... READ MORE

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