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A Dream Becomes a Nightmare but the End is in Sight - Hawaii, HI

I live in a place where hand tattooes are culturally acceptable if not expected. I began the tattoo journey years ago with the help of a trusted artist. I always wanted to add to the tattoo, it was stunning and so unique. I went back to the trusted artist, we discussed for an extensive amount of... READ MORE

Picosure and Enlighten - Cape Girardeau, MO

Ok, so shortly after I turned 19 in 2000, I decided to get a tattoo. For whatever reason, I chose a Celtic design that appealed to me at the time. The tattoo was supposed to have black outlines and then color added later on. I liked it well enough without the color, so I never went back for... READ MORE

Tattoo Cover-up Regret

Hello. English is not my native language but I will try to write properly. I had ankle bracelet done 15 years ago. It went horrible, too deep and I can feel it as well. I had cover up 2 years ago but first tattoo is still visible and I dont like this new one either, I regret this tattoos so much... READ MORE

PicoSure - 5 Tattoos - Going Great - Zurich/Switzerland

Hi everybody! For months now I have been reading all the post here and now I thought I gonna share my story and all the pictures. About the question all my friends and family asked my: Why do you want them removed? Simply: I don't like them anymore. I do not like them on my anymore. As simple... READ MORE

Q Switch Removal - East Sussex, UK

I had a tattoo done in August in memory of my Grandfather, who i lost last March to cancer. He was fond of bird watching, so i had birds done on the outside of my left forearm. Within hours of it being finished, i wanted it gone. It's bigger than i wanted, and having seen it in pictures since, i... READ MORE

ugh - Atlanta, GA

Hello realselfers!! I've stalked this site for about a year now and my personal frustration has led me to finally reach out to you all. I started my treatments 11 months ago!!!! I've gone religiously (19 times to be exact) and $2000 smack-a-Roos later it's still not completely GONE! I'm... READ MORE

Very Depressed Student Don't Know How to Handle It - Stuttgart, DE

Hey guys, first of all sorry for my following english. Now to my story/problem. Since I have my new tattoo I'm so depressed. My complete left arm and chest is full of ink! Although I like tattoos in general I hate mine. Every day, every minute, every second since 4 months I think over it. I know... READ MORE

Tattoo removal in process, wrist - St.Petersburg, Russia

I have read a lot of stories here and I have to say that I honestly thought that something is wrong with me and I am the only one who do not want to be inked. I was thinking of getting a tattoo for a while and I had a clear idea what it will be - nice elegant initial of my parents on my left... READ MORE

What Kind of Laser is Better for Me? Please an Advice! - Great Britain, GB

Hi all! Please! I need an advice from you. I got on my forearm a tattoo (please sea image) and I want to remove it. What kind of laser I need to use for better removing. The problem is that in my area I found just one Revlite laser from Conbio. Please tell me If this one is good for doing this... READ MORE

The Arduous Road of Tattoo Removal - Franklin, WI

In 2005, I made the silly mistake of getting a tattoo on my right wrist. Thankfully, I had enough sense to get a small one (1 inch long by a few millimeters wide). I was contemplating tattoo removal for a few years and finally found a deal online in 2013. It was $100 for 4 treatments. ... READ MORE

Ran out of Money - Medford, OR

My tattoo is 1"x1" on my hand. I was concerned about not being hired for a job with it. I took 5 treatments over the course of 9 months that healed quickly each time. The doctor said that should be sufficient, but the tattoo's still there, faded in some areas more than others. I... READ MORE

Not Sure if Im Being Ripped off - New York, NY

I have had 5 sessions of tattoo removal using a medlite c6 laser. I see very little results. At this rate I can see it taking 100 sessions. The laser hurts but I do not seem to experience what others are saying they experience. 1. My tattoo does not turn white from the laser. 2. no blisters.... READ MORE

Chicago Breast and Body Aesthetic Tattoo Removal - Chicago, IL

I've had great experience with Monica one of the main aesthetic professionals who worked on my tattoo removal!! Staff is so nice and their service is remarkable! Definitely recommend this place if you want to remove your tattoo! Don't go for quantum laser! PicoSure and Monica are the real deal!!... READ MORE

Warm Friendly Surgeon, Excellent Reusults - Brighton Sussex, UK

I had a tattoo which was not suitable for laser removal so excision was my only option. Due to the size and location of the tattoo, 3 excisions were required to fully remove it with minimal scarring. Each time the excision was carried out under local anaesthetic, taking only about 1/2 hour and... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Houston, TX

I was very nervous at first but they made me feel very comfortable and we had great conversation. The process itself wasn't terrible although it is painful. It feels like a million tiny rubberbands hitting your skin on some areas not the entire thing. For some reason the first session wasn't... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic - San Diego, CA

Hi everyone, i have two tattoos that i am removing at Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic. The tattoo on my forearm is a full body portrait of Elvis (skin tone w/metallic, blue, red and black. size of my hand) and the tattoo on my chest is three lines of lyrics from the song Hotel California by the... READ MORE

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