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Removing a black outline tattoo

Hello. I'm 19 years old and I've done what I always wanted - I got a tattoo. I was thinking about it for two years and I really THOUGHT I wanted it. But ever since I got it I've been depressed. Things I haven't considered previously are coming to my mind and I feel like I'll fall apart. I feel... READ MORE

hh Seattle, WA

I got this tattoo in May 2015 while traveling Australia. When I first got it I loved it. Now that I am home and see the reflection of it in the mirror everyday, I am starting to freak out about it. I find it way to big and dark. I have always gone for a softer more feminine tattoo in the past. I... READ MORE

My journey. - London, GB

As a lot like other people, I've came to regret my first tattoos. I got them done around 16 years ago when I was travelling and living in Australia. For the first 5-8 years I really liked them but as the years rolled on I started to cover them up more with jumpers and so forth. It's at the point... READ MORE

I HATE my New Tattoo -Dallas, TX

I had a lower sleeve done as a cover up for a couple small wrist tattoos. I was a little taken back by this tattoo, but it is roses and flowers with a butterfly and a bumble bee. Very much me. So after I got over the shock, I liked it very well. I had really wanted a bird in my tattoo... And... READ MORE

19 Years Old Regrets 4th Tattoo - Winnipeg, MB

Hello my name is Breanne, I am im desperate need of support. I have a tattoo in front on my right shoulder blade it has many different colors including black, pink, white, yellow, blue, green and more! I am wondering if its worth entering the process of laser removal? I feel this tattoo is... READ MORE

He is Awesome - Sugar Land, TX

I live in Seattle.  I needed a tattoo removed from my arm and wanted it done by a Board Certified Plastic surgeon. I was told by a friend that Dr Horndeski was the best. So, I travelled to Houston to see him. He fit me in despite his busy schedule and I was back home in a couple of days... READ MORE

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