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Going Through a Crazy Spiral

Hey everyone, After reading many posts on this site that I happened to stumble upon (thank God) I've decided to post. I haven't started any procedures yet but I've though of it daily. I had 2 tattoo regrets already and decided my easiest route was to get a half sleeve on my forearm to detract... READ MORE

A tattoo I've wanted ended up being a tattoo I'd rather forget.

Hi guys! We all have a story of how we got to the point of tattoo regret and/or removal, and well, here's mine:After years of wanting a tattoo but fearing the commitment/pain that comes with getting one, I decided to finally suck it up and get inked! I knew exactly what I wanted because I've... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Chest Area - Don't Get Touch-Ups - Georgia

I have a tattoo of 5 smallish symbols in all black ink across my chest. I got it done towards the end of '09. I'm a quite pale caucasian female. The artist used black ink only, and after it got some sun damage in '10 I went back to get a touch-up. I'm not sure many people think... READ MORE

30 Year Old- Female with Ink Regrets. Time to "Revamp my Stamp" - Bonita Springs, FL

***UPDATE-HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING PHOTOS-WILL POST SOON**** In your 30's casual decisions you made in your teens/twenties tend to look a whole lot different, and that's IF you can see them. Point in case my "tramp stamp". I never really see it, I honestly forgot about it. So it didn't exactly... READ MORE

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