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Cover-up That Got Way Too Big! - Fargo, ND

My tattoo started out with just the owl in the center. About a year and a half ago, I decided for some reason that I wanted to add a background to the owl. I did some research and went to a reputable tattoo place in my area. Mistake #1 - I walked in the tattoo shop knowing which artist I... READ MORE

Daddy's Girl

My name is April. I’m 30 years old. I recently got a tattoo that I have soooooo many mixed feeling about. This is my story…… On March 1st, my best friend and I went to go get tattoos. She got a humming bird for her grandmother who just passed, and I got mine, a tribute to my father. ... READ MORE

Worst Decision I've Ever Made. West Virginia, WV

So I just recently got this tattoo on my right forearm and I'm regretting it. I think it looks like a really bad tattoo. I don't like the line work I think it's to big and it just looks bad. Ever since I got this I have felt really depressed and I just want it off my arm. I don't know what made... READ MORE

24 Year Old Girl, Two Tattoos That I Hate, One is Getting Coverup Soon

Hello... I don't know what's been wrong with me, but since I too the other one of these tattoos I hate, I didn't tell for my parents of that and I've been hiding it in public places and everywhere. Now it's getting summer and it's very hot to wear long sleeves all the time and peolple are... READ MORE

Student Working Hard to Afford To Remove This Mistake - Edinburgh, GB

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I'm a 19 year old Student in Edinburgh and im grateful to have stumbled across this forum! I was having a very rough time a while back and impulsively decided to get a tattoo thinking it would make me happier - however it did the opposite! I didn't need an appointment and the... READ MORE


I had been planning to get this rose for a while, and it came out beautiful. I had it done by a friend who is actually doing pretty well in the tattoo scene and I respect him as an artist. The rose is well shaded and it's just how I like my roses to be. But I feel that it is a little too big and... READ MORE

Wanting to Remove Part of a New Tattoo Due to Anxiety. Not Sure Which Laser to Use. Help! Centennial, CO

I have been reading people's posts on here for about 2 months now and decided to finally share my story in hopes of getting some questions and concerns answered. I got my first tattoo at the end of December. A good friend who is a very talented tattoo artist did it professionally and I do love... READ MORE

Instant Regret, Too Big and Bulky. Miss my Plain Skin :( - London, GB

Hi All, I have spent most of today in a state of panic and shock at what I have done to myself. I have two small tattoos on each wrist and I love those. But yesterday, I decided to go for something I had been dreaming of for years - a crown and rose. I knew something was wrong when I saw the... READ MORE

Regretting New Tattoo

So last week I got a new tattoo on my thigh, I spent a long time choosing the design and I still love the design, however the day after it was done I started to panic- its just so big and I feel I got it way to large and in the wrong place. I have been panicking so much and feel so stupid for... READ MORE

Big, Dark Cover Up Tattoo Removal - London, UK

Hi People, I decided to share my story with you, so here we go. I had a cover up tattoo two weeks ago, before of that i was really sure that i want it, but somehow after getting it, it looked huge on my body and too dark. In addition, the tattoo artist recommended me to change the design a bit,... READ MORE

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