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Tramp Stamp and Other - Campbellton

I got my first tattoo done in Montreal, QC I think I was in my very early thirties. I got a tribal symbol it was the thing back then I got one that went along my back. A couple years later I go back to my home town and go see the only tattoo artist there, it takes a year to get an appointment... READ MORE

Picosure and Enlighten - Cape Girardeau, MO

Ok, so shortly after I turned 19 in 2000, I decided to get a tattoo. For whatever reason, I chose a Celtic design that appealed to me at the time. The tattoo was supposed to have black outlines and then color added later on. I liked it well enough without the color, so I never went back for... READ MORE

6th PicoSure Tx (15 q-switch Tx's) on arms & 4th PicoSure Tx on Shoulder

Yesterday I completed my first session of laser removal. In total, Im having three tattoos removed. Two of the tattoos being removed are on my arms, and the third, is on my back. I must say, I'm a little disappointed after my first session. I know this is going to be a process. And I know that... READ MORE

24 Yo - Need More Information! - Italy, IT

Hello, I'm Italian. I found you through some tattoo removal experience friends. Sorry for my bad English. I have a tattoo that I would like to remove. It is colored with yellow. In Italy we have many laser but yellow is removable ?. Many doctors say that yellow is impossible to remove, is this... READ MORE

Daddy's Girl

My name is April. I’m 30 years old. I recently got a tattoo that I have soooooo many mixed feeling about. This is my story…… On March 1st, my best friend and I went to go get tattoos. She got a humming bird for her grandmother who just passed, and I got mine, a tribute to my father. ... READ MORE

25 Year Old Female, Regretting Dark Outline with Some Shading on Forearm - Chattanooga, TN

I got this tattoo on my forearm about a month ago that I am considering removing. I planned this tattoo for over a year, I researched the artist and went over the design with her multiple times...I had some small reservations the day of the tatooing, but I told myself they were just nerves and... READ MORE

Blue cover up tattoo needs partial removal -Montclair, NJ

Ok first off let me start by saying if you have a small tattoo and don't like it, think twice about getting a cover up - this was my mistake. I had a small black tattoo on my ankle that was done very poorly when I was in college, instead of paying a lot of money for laser I figured a cover up... READ MORE


I had been planning to get this rose for a while, and it came out beautiful. I had it done by a friend who is actually doing pretty well in the tattoo scene and I respect him as an artist. The rose is well shaded and it's just how I like my roses to be. But I feel that it is a little too big and... READ MORE

Closure - The Last Step to End This 6-Year Chapter of my Life - New York, NY

Today was the first step of the final chapter of my six-year marriage to an abusive partner. About two years ago, I tattooed my wife’s name onto my middle finger. You see, she is quite the possessive, jealous, crazy woman and I was always trying extreme ways of making her happy. Quite some t... READ MORE

The worst mistake in my life!! - China, CN

Well, this is my history: I came to China to study their language. I made a lot of friends and I got to meet specifically this guy that just had his tattoo done. The quality of the work was incredible. I really wanted to get a cool tattoo from that artist too. So we went together to his... READ MORE

I Couldn't Wait to Get This Tattoo off my Lower Back! - New York, NY

I am a 32 year old woman and for over a decade I have had a tattoo in a very 'typical' place on my body. As a professional in a fast growing industry I always have to be on top of trends. I always thought I was the cool kid so I got one of those tattoos, referred to as 'tramp stamps' after... READ MORE

GO! Tattoo Removal and my Journey

So I had 4 tattoos and my 5th one made me realize I don't want tem anymore. I'm on my second treatment for 2 and just had my first on the other 3 so this will be my little progress blog. I got my first tattoo about 4 months after I turned 18 and then about a year later got my second and then... READ MORE

Argh, Hate my New Tattoo - United Kingdom, GB

Like most on here I hate my tattoo. It's only a week old but as soon as it was done I hated it and was almost in tears as I left the shop. It's a rainbow feather tatto on my left wrist and essentially is nothing like the picture I gave the tattooist. I would really like it removed. I'm away now... READ MORE

Left with a Ghost of a Tattoo -San Jose, CA

Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a tattoo at a convention. Although I was pretty certain of what I wanted, I had not taken the time to size and place it properly and the end result was a tattoo that was not only too large for my small frame, but it was placed too far out on my... READ MORE

Please Help...Estimate Cost of Partial Removal? - Atlanta, GA

Hello guys...I got this tattoo around last March(2012) and I deeply regret getting it. I was 16 years old and I didn't know what in the world I was doing. Basically, I rushed getting the tattoo done...didn't really study the artist's work and got it done the same day I asked about it. (walk... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Ankle

I have a fairly small tigger tattoo on my ankle that I have had for approximately 10 years. The colors were dark black outline with dark reddish/orange body and white belly. I am having it laser removed.I have completed my 1st session and there was very little pain. The Dr. injected the sight... READ MORE

TCA Peel Tattoo Removal

I have a small star on my ankle and decided to remove it using the peel since it would cost less. Its been 3 days since i applied it. It wasnt that painful and i left it on for about 6 minutes. Since then it has turned brownish and seems like it will start to peel at any moment. READ MORE

TCA Peel for Tattoo Removal

I'm two days in to my TCA peel. I'm a student going into nursing and I wanted to remove this huge rabbit that I got when I was 17, I'm 33 now. I bought it on a popular biding site for $9.95. I used a paint brush to apply the solution. After 3 seconds it started to burn like crazy, I stood... READ MORE

The FreeInk Journey - Picoway

Hi, Short history: I did a small tattoo in November/2013, and I didn't like it much. Later on 19 May 2016, I did a cover up in that tattoo, and I regretted instantly. The tattoo is all black ink. After some research, I've decided for the Enlighten Laser. However, there is only one place in my... READ MORE

Considering Laser Tattoo Removal Due to Complete Regret! - Canada

I am hoping I can get some support here, both emotional and education. I got a tattoo about a month ago and I am suffering with deep deep regret. To the point where it is affecting my life negatively..I can't sleep, I can't eat. I am completely devestated at what I have done. I am setting up a... READ MORE

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