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Laser Tattoo Removal

I have been obsessing over getting my tattoo removed and yesterday I had my first treatment using the picosure and enlighten. The process was quick and painless as they completely numbed my foot and ankle. A few hours after I got home is when I started feeling uncomfortable. I’m pretty red and s... READ MORE

The Journey to Get the Dragon off my Back - Oslo, Norway

I got the tattoo when I was 18 years old (the summer of 2003) when I had just graduated. I was young and got the tattoo for all the wrong reasons. Never hated the tattoo, but never loved it either. I have looked into getting it removed many times, but never believed that it would work and... READ MORE

Need It to Be Gone

First of all ,sorry about my english,because is not my native language . I'm now 32 and I had this tattoo done when I just hit 18 .I have hated it since then ,because it was a decission I made in a rush without putting much thinking on it .I was having a rebellious time and this is the result of... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Journey

I've gotten 6 sessions on my tattoo. I'm very pleased with the results. The clinic I go to have a Quanta Q+C. I have not blistered or scarred. My tattoo just gets swollen for about 2 days. That's it! No yucky blisters. The technicians are very knowledgeable and explain everything in great detail... READ MORE

Medlite C6 R20 Black/Grey Tattoo Removal - St. Catharines, ON

In Nov 2015, I got a professional black/grey tattoo of an owl. Although the owl is beautifully done, it is simply not what I wanted, so I have opted to have it removed. I am going to a clinic that uses the Medlite C6 for R20. I have had two sessions so far and have noticed that the tattoo is... READ MORE

20yr Old Ankle Wrap Tattoo Removed by Picosure Laser - Peachtree City, GA

I am hoping to update this review as the laser treatments go on. Had first laser treatment 11 days ago, lower leg is still swollen. On ankle wraps they can only do one side at a time due to swelling and safety issues, so I had the inner portion done. I was scheduled for the other side on... READ MORE

Q-Switch Q Yag 5 on 3 Yr Tattoo, Amateur Tattoo - Orange, CA

So I have hated this tattoo 10 minutes after getting it done, I was 17 yrs old me & friends went to get tattoos and I couldn't back out (without parents consent). Now I'm 20 yrs old and I can't stand looking at it, I literally have to wear shirts that go all the way up to my neck. I have... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal in Lawrence Kansas

I have had 4 tattoo removal treatments since May, 2016 performed by Stephanie. It has been painful, as I expected, but we are seeing pretty good results. Immediately after treatment the area has been swollen and tender, with the outline of my tattoo being very raised. But within a few days... READ MORE

complete hand tattoo removal

I love all my tattoos but 3 years ago I took the leap on doing my hands. Now wishing I stopped at the wrist. The tattoo is done beautifully but just sick of all the extra attention I get. Even though it's mostly positive. Iv had 2 laser treatments so far. It is a draining experience. Hand gets... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Why Did I Do This? - Lubbock, TX

Hi My Nae is Terra and my story is so long I will start with I had a tummy tuck Almost 2 years ago, I got my CPT and was feeling amazing well the scar bothered me so I decided I was going to get something very little and feminine nothing huge! Just wanted something pretty. I went to a good... READ MORE

Sad Lady with a Gooey Arm :( - Manchester, GB

So ive had 10 sessions done with a laser (from 3 different people). My first 7 treatments were done by a lovely lady, very professional. I stopped going to her as i just wasnt seeing fast enough results and was getting impatient :(. Treatments 8 and 9 were carried out by a different lady, saw... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Liner Removal with Tattoo Vanish (Permanent Makeup Cost $500) - Kalamazoo, MI

I had permanent lipstick applied Jan 16th. I don't wear makeup but now that I am in my 40s my lips are looking thinner and the coloring less vibrant so I wanted a fuller, more youthful lip. I emphasized the need to look natural and while laying down, the outline she drew looked fantastic. She... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Inner Forearm (Peony) - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi, I'm a 24-year-old Canadian toy designer named Morgan and I had my first tattoo removal session yesterday. I am also so happy to have found realself!I decided to start the tattoo removal process on the peony tattoo I have on my left forearm. This is my most recent of 4 tattoos, and the only... READ MORE

Very Light Daisy Tattoo. Fair Skinned Female, 22 Years Old. - Newport Beach, CA

I just had the procedure done today and I was pleasantly surprised. Im assuming that its because my tattoo isnt very thick, but it was really easy. I iced my arm for 10 minutes, then she did the laser which lasted about 15 seconds. Afterwards it stung a bit over the course of 2 or 3 hours post.... READ MORE

2 Days After First Tattoo Removal Session - Sherman Oaks, CA

I've had this tattoo on my inner bicep for a little over 3 years now. I regretted it the day I got it but had to live with it. I finally decided to get rid of it after a couple of months of going back and forth. It got a bit swollen & a bit bruised. No difference yet as it is too soon. I have... READ MORE

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Always want to remove my under lid tatto - they are too thick, and black. Procedure was quick, but painful, result is better than expected, color is very light now, swollen almost gone by day2. I have iced as much as I can during day1. Applied antibiotics eye ointment faithfully. Dr said the... READ MORE

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