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My Tattoo Removal Experience (In Progress) - Santa Paula, CA

I was 16 when I decided to get "Live Fast Die Pretty" inked across my stomach. It was an act of rebellion against my strict parents that at the age of 21 backfired with regret. I am now 22 and have had 5 tattoo removal treatments. The tattoo is 6 years old and made of only black ink. I have an... READ MORE

New Tattoo and I Can't Stop Feeling Depressed and Lost. Help Me :(

Ugh, I don't know what the hell came over me. I turned 40 in October and had one tiny unicorn tattoo on my lower stomach.. literally and inch big that I wanted to cover up. Love unicorns but the tattoo was hideous. I considered removing it but went with the cover up. I also had on my side by... READ MORE

Aiming for Clean Skin Again - Sydney, AU

Hi guys, I have never done a blog thingy before so just bear with me. Ok so, I have 5 big tattoos I want gone. I understand it's going to be a slow process but I'm up for it! I have a full b&g sleeve, some letting on the top half of my stomach, a big coloured Lego men on my left thigh, cat... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Why Did I Do This? - Lubbock, TX

Hi My Nae is Terra and my story is so long I will start with I had a tummy tuck Almost 2 years ago, I got my CPT and was feeling amazing well the scar bothered me so I decided I was going to get something very little and feminine nothing huge! Just wanted something pretty. I went to a good... READ MORE

Total stomach mess

Hi so heres where my story will begin after year of research and limited choice in Ireland i started the long process of removing a large mess off my stomach 3 tattoos later had a large tribal design to cover dragon after a pregnancy 12 years ago then went and had a worse cover up of flowers... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female - Panama City, FL

Wow the mistakes I've made in life just to show a few of them. So I'm working on cleaning up my skin and turning my entire life. This will be my 4th Laser Tattoo treatment on my stomach and my 2nd on my foot and shoulder. I'm not certain if the tattoo ink is too deep on my stomach so I should... READ MORE

Rose Tattoo

Hi there im an african american (dark skin ) id say my skin color is similar to Kelly Rowland the singer from destinys child. im guessing i have skin type 5. So anyway i got a rose tattoo on my stomach ( naval area) on December 16 2013 to cover a scar from a surgery i had when i was 4 years old.... READ MORE

Painful but Worth It -Fort Collins, CO

I have many tattoos from when I was young. Half of them were done by an ex-boyfriend with a homemade gun. He had spent years in prison "perfecting his art" and I decided to let him practice on me. Now it has been 18 years and I want them gone. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of him... READ MORE

Final Stages of Removal - Australia, AU

Hi all. Been reading these reviews for a while with must interest. I am midway through removing all 4 of my relatively small tattoos. I felt compelled to write as there seems to be a real lack of 'late stage' removal updates. Though I like updates on people new to the process; I think there... READ MORE

Removing Large Stomach Tattoo... Here's Hoping! La Jolla, CA

I am currently in the process of removing a large tattoo that I got on my stomach/pelvis right after my 18th birthday. The tattoo is now 10 years old and it's time to move on. This procedure will be very expensive when I'm through with it, but I hope it will be worth it to enjoy my 30's in a... READ MORE

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place - Tattoo Removal - Auckland, New Zealand

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place I found out there were actually different lasers so I did some research. The place I 1st went to apparently has a bad reputation. When I got it done at the original place my stomach and foot would swell(where the tattoos are), have heaps of blood... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal of Four Tattoos - Kutztown, PA

I am in less than two months starting my first treatment on my stomach/chest. I have 4 tattoos all large but the one on my arm is the biggest most detailed. I am hoping for complete removal on all my tattoos and its just a nerve wrecking situation that I have to deal with. I understand I have to... READ MORE

Just Had my First R20 Session - Australia

This morning I went to have three passes over my tattoo, this is also known as the R20 method. They pass the laser over, wait 20 minutes and repeat another 2 times. My tattoo is all black and on my stomach. The first pass was almost completely painless. I did apply Emla (numbing) cream an... READ MORE

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