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Test Spot, Major Skin Damage - Brighton, MI

My goal: to get some of the black lightened up. And normal lighting conditions it's way too dark and black blobish. I had a test done last night, to get an idea of the pain before I make my appointment. From all the videos I watched, the treatment is fairly quick. But in my experience last night... READ MORE

Results Were So-so. Tattoo is Gone but the Skin Doesn't Look "Normal"

Overall, I'm not happy with the way the skin looks where there used to be a tattoo, but at least the tattoo is gone. I had a black tattoo removed. The laser depigmented my skin (luckily I have very fair skin, but it was still noticeably blue-tinted from the lack of melanin). My laser tech kept... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Has Left Skin Color Changes

I didn't want a tattoo on my arm anymore. For the most part I am very satisfied except for this odd color changes that happen.I started having laser tattoo removal treatment on a tattoo on my arm. I am probably only a few treatments away from being done, but haven't gone back in almost 2 years... READ MORE

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