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Neck, collarbone and shoulder tattoo removal.

Hello!! I got my first tattoo when I was 18yo, 7 years ago. It was a small cross on the back of my neck and it was a matching tattoo with my best friend at the time. Even though it was was visible a when my hair was up, I still liked it. Since then I've gotten, 4 more tattoos. It wasn't until I... READ MORE

Immediate tattoo regret!!

I'm feeling really depressed after getting my new tattoos! They weren't impulse buys, but I'm really unhappy with the work that was done. I had an old tattoo of stars on my foot...he suggested we add "stardust"...and in doing so it ended up looking like a giant purple bruise around the stars.... READ MORE

Tramp Stamp and Other - Campbellton

I got my first tattoo done in Montreal, QC I think I was in my very early thirties. I got a tribal symbol it was the thing back then I got one that went along my back. A couple years later I go back to my home town and go see the only tattoo artist there, it takes a year to get an appointment... READ MORE

Tattoo removal journey with white ink - Sydney, AU

I had a tattoo done on my shoulder yesterday and as soon as it was done, I regretted it. I'm not sure why i rushed into it. I'm about to start a new corporate role and now I won't be able to wear any sleeveless tops to work. The artist said she didn't use any black at all but just grey wash.... READ MORE

22 Year Old DUMMY! Tempe, AZ

So after reading reviews and creeping all over this site, I decided to make a post regarding my progress. After having my daughter I decided I wanted to get a floraly shoulder piece with an owl and my daughters name. It was supposed to have so much meaning, and so I found a guy who had good... READ MORE

Amazing Tattoo Need for Remove from Shoulder - Moscow, Russia

Hi there! I got the tattoo almost 2 years ago. I love the picture but not the place on my shoulder. I cant wear tops, especcially at work, I cant go to meet parents with undressed shoulder, and I feel the others denounce me. Also now I think any tattoo dont look good in motion on that place.... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Left Shoulder, Q Switch Vs Pico - Victoria, BC

I started my tattoo removal in November of 2013. I have had four treatments with the Q-Switched Yag in Nanaimo, BC and have my first Picosure appointment scheduled for today in Victoria, BC, Canada. I have experienced a fair amount of fading with the Q-switched and am overall happy with the... READ MORE

Wish I Could Start Over! - Bedford, NH

I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young decision, it looks stupid. I hate wearing tank tops or bathing suits that show it off, I hate being in pictures, I was in a wedding and felt like I ruined all the pictures by being in them. I just want this thing gone. I live in NH and have had a... READ MORE

A Tribute Tattoo Gone Wrong! - Portland, ME

Hello everyone. I am going through some major tattoo regret. I got a tattoo on my shoulder in honor of my daughters. It was well-thought and planned. I have two other tattoos that I absolutely love and could not imagine not being on my body. So, I was rather surprised when I looked at the tattoo... READ MORE

All Black Line Work... So Much Regret - Cleveland, OH

About three years ago I got two tattoos on my left shoulder. Long story short, I hated them. My tattoo artist (who was also a personal friend) didn't care to tell me that my vision didn't quite look right... I would have loved the honesty. About a little over two weeks ago I got a half sleeve... READ MORE

Scars That Need to Be Removed in 1 Month

Hello i applied to an airline job got accepted but was asked to remove my 10 cm tattoo on my shoulder . it dlesnt have a lot of ink because its letters . so i went to a dermatologist that does laser removal and done about 7 treatments with minimal difference in the tattoo itself . i only had 3... READ MORE

Getting Rid of a Long-despised Shoulder Tattoo - This Could Take a While...New Zealand, NZ

This tattoo is about 15 years old, I hated it back then, and I frigging despise it now. I have a photo pre-treatment and will post it later. I was in my early twenties and had an undiscerning eye for quality tattoo work - the guy that did this made the ethereal faerie I wanted [I showed him an... READ MORE

Regretting my First Tattoo

Hey everyone, So I've been on this site all week reading other peoples stories and I've decided to post my own. First a little about me. I'm 19 and I go to a big10 university. Last weekend I got my first tattoo with my best friend. It's a green and blue hummingbird on my left shoulder. The... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female - Panama City, FL

Wow the mistakes I've made in life just to show a few of them. So I'm working on cleaning up my skin and turning my entire life. This will be my 4th Laser Tattoo treatment on my stomach and my 2nd on my foot and shoulder. I'm not certain if the tattoo ink is too deep on my stomach so I should... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - First Treatment: Aestheticare MedSpa, Leawood, KS. Two ~4" Tattoos Seeking Full Removal - Leawood, KS

The blue tattoo is 18 years old, and the red tattoo is 17 years old. Both were starting to fade, and I figured that I had to either touch them up or remove them. After meeting with Judy Sanders at Aestheticare in Leawood, KS about laser removal, I felt that 4-6 treatments at $150 per tattoo... READ MORE

The Beginning of the Long Process of Laser Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

After several years of wanting to remove my 2 tattoos that were reminders of a wild youth, I finally took the plunge last week the day before I turn 45 and started treatment. I went in for my consultation during the middle of the work day and met with the nurse and then with the business... READ MORE

My Crazy 5 years Removal Of The Cover Up Tattoo and a New Cover Up of my Half Sleeve. - Israel, IL

It all began with some stupid idea to get a tattoo on my right shoulder, I viewed few images online of lions and thought I found the right one, It was so impulsive so I got it, Instantly I didnt like it , It wasnt visible, and for some reason I wanted the attention, and wanted to add more stuff... READ MORE

Regretting a Fresh Tattoo - Virginia, VA

Here goes. Much like many others in this nifty little community, I have a one month old blob of a coverup tattoo on my shoulder and chest. The original tattoo is only about three months old. I'm so dumb. The original tattoo wasn't bad, but was unfinished and definitely had some flaws. The guy... READ MORE

Is There Hope for Me or Should I Just Live with It? - Toronto, Canada

So 2 weeks ago I got my shoulder done as a cover up for an old tattoo and the day after I got the one below it. I was suppose to be doing a 3q sleeve but the moment I saw the 2 together I nearly had a heart attack. I'm not used to seeing so much ink and I don't think I like it. Both where done... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal :) - Northcote, AU

Hi everyone my names Tamara im 22 years old. Im writing this honest review to help people if they are considering Laser Tattoo Removal. After continuously looking about finding the right tattoo removal place. I found one, yay!.... Im starting my first tattoo removal session at a new place that... READ MORE

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