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scar tissue + Tattoo Removal

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Finally Removing My Tattoo After 9 Years of Regret!!! - Dallas, TX

I originally got a small "tramp stamp" my sophomore year of college when my roommates and myself played hookey from school and somehow ended up at a scummy tattoo parlor. The artist's work was very poor to say the least and my small tattoo was etched so deep it is basically very thick scar... READ MORE

Considering Tattoo Removal Please Help! - Melbourne, AU

Hey ! I've been regretting ALL of my tattoos for years and I've seen laser become so much more popular lately so I was wondering if it's possible or if anyone else has had a large color tattoo removed with success ? I really don't want scar tissue left over .. I want it to be as normal looking... READ MORE


Hello! I have been looking at reviews and posts on RealSelf for a while now and it has made me feel a lot better about my own situation, which I frequently feel extremely stressed out or depressed about. Thanks everyone for keeping each other hopeful and sharing useful information! As for me, I... READ MORE

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