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Finally Removing My Tattoo......

Hey everyone ! AT first I'm sorry for my english but it is not my native language. So back in 2010 (maybe early 2011) i got this tattoo on my right foot. And turnt out that i really don't like it..actually i didn't even go to the second appointment....I'm not sure yet if i go for a... READ MORE

7month Old Tattoo Regretted It As Soon As I Got It - Beverly Hills, CA

Had one treatment with a qswitch November 15th. And then just had a picosure on the 18th of January. I'm want to remove it fully I have another appointment on March 15 hopefully the pic sure will get rid of this thing once and for all I feel like after my first one I'm getting scars already wish... READ MORE

Tattoo excision - options

I am looking for views in relation to excising this tattoo. I have undergone laser - however I am unable to live with it. I do need it to be removed. I am not bothered about the fact there will be a scar, and I have considered the alternatives of continuing with laser. Basically, I am looking... READ MORE

Consider a Cover Up - Bridgeville, PA

If you have a large tattoo that you want to get rid of completely, I agree laser is your best choice. If you have a small tattoo (like I did) that you just don't like for whatever reason, you may want to consider a cover with something you do like instead of removal. Here's why. I started... READ MORE

Surgical Excision Tattoo Removal - 28yo Female (now 29)

I had two small (2-4in) tattoos that I no longer wanted. I got them at age 19 and 21 and they simply didn't "represent" me anymore, nor did they hold the same significance they once did. I searched and searched online and saw such mixed reviews for laser tattoo removal. Some people had total... READ MORE

Scars That Need to Be Removed in 1 Month

Hello i applied to an airline job got accepted but was asked to remove my 10 cm tattoo on my shoulder . it dlesnt have a lot of ink because its letters . so i went to a dermatologist that does laser removal and done about 7 treatments with minimal difference in the tattoo itself . i only had 3... READ MORE

Worst Decision I've Ever Made. West Virginia, WV

So I just recently got this tattoo on my right forearm and I'm regretting it. I think it looks like a really bad tattoo. I don't like the line work I think it's to big and it just looks bad. Ever since I got this I have felt really depressed and I just want it off my arm. I don't know what made... READ MORE

Want This Tattoo out --mistake. Tampa, FL

I got my tattoo on my 21st bday , and I was drinking alcohol : I was not on the right mind I stared with the heart And I didn't like it the next day so I when to get some more done and I still dislike it : I'm scare of the pain and the scar but I want to get it remove ... need advice ... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal by Surgical Excision - London, GB

I got my tattoos done when I was very young and after 12 years I decided I had grown out of them so decided to have them romoved. I chose surgical excision as it was quick (you don't need several sessions as you would with laser removal), guaranteed (laser removal doesn't always work and can... READ MORE

30 Years Old, First Tattoo. Need Some Advice. - Sao Paulo, BR

Hello everyone! In fact, I think my tattoo is pretty cool. I 'm just not accepting the transformation that my body has gone through . Also, I never really liked tattos . I had it done just to cover a bitten scar I had on my forearm of my ex -girlfriend . I wonder if it is possible remove my... READ MORE

Cupcake and Heart on Wrists. - Sheffield

Hey So typically being stupid and young and getting a tattoo for the sake of it and being 18 and everyone is getting one and wanting a tattoo so I got a cupcake on my wrist which has bled out and is all scared and raised and then I got a couple Chinese symbols on my other wrist that then I got... READ MORE

Sad Lady with a Gooey Arm :( - Manchester, GB

So ive had 10 sessions done with a laser (from 3 different people). My first 7 treatments were done by a lovely lady, very professional. I stopped going to her as i just wasnt seeing fast enough results and was getting impatient :(. Treatments 8 and 9 were carried out by a different lady, saw... READ MORE

Rushed into Scar Cover Up - Great Britain, GB

I've been having a half sleeve done, as recently as last Friday and I'm supposed to have at least another 2 sessions on the piece but I already hate it. The whole of my wrist is covered in self harm scars and I was desperate to move on and have them covered up so I could feel some kind of... READ MORE

Rose Tattoo

Hi there im an african american (dark skin ) id say my skin color is similar to Kelly Rowland the singer from destinys child. im guessing i have skin type 5. So anyway i got a rose tattoo on my stomach ( naval area) on December 16 2013 to cover a scar from a surgery i had when i was 4 years old.... READ MORE

Have Had Removal (15ish Sessions) for Over 2 Years Now- Lesson to Be Learned - Germany, DE

TL;DR- If you find your tattoo has angry, raised, bright red marks on it after a laser session, do not continue with it until the marks are completely gone. Find a new doctor if they say it is okay to continue lasering. These marks can become permanent. I didn't care about my tattoos until one... READ MORE

Lip Liner Tattoo to Cover a Dog Bite - Middleburg, VA

I was bit by a dog when I was about 18, I am now 22. I am very OCD when it comes to how I look and being young I don't always wear makeup and my looks are not overly but important enough to me. I went through multiple plastic surgeries to get my lip looking mostly normal and I should have just... READ MORE

24 Year Old Tattoo Removal -

Hello everyone i am posting photos of my tattoo removal so i can have some advise ..this photos are 2 weeks after my 3 treatment .i am very scared that i will have scars left behind and i will need to spend more money in other treatments .i use everyday cicalfate Avene cream . I will need some... READ MORE

Left with a Ghost of a Tattoo -San Jose, CA

Several years ago I made the mistake of getting a tattoo at a convention. Although I was pretty certain of what I wanted, I had not taken the time to size and place it properly and the end result was a tattoo that was not only too large for my small frame, but it was placed too far out on my... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision

Hi! I just wanted to share my experience with tattoo excision. I have not been able to find a detailed good review on RS so I thought I will share my whole experience from start to finish with progress pictures. I am planning on getting the whole tattoo removed, if it scars well. I started with... READ MORE

Two Unwanted Tattoos Removed in 45 Mins - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I recently visited the clinic for surgical tattoo removal. Amir and 2 assistants were so reassuring and made sure I knew everything that was going on. 1 month later my scar is fading rapidly as I was told and the aftercare I have received has been great! The staff at Bella Vuo are second to... READ MORE

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