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Neck Tattoo Removal Using Cutera Laser - New York, NY

Removing a small 1.5in x 1in. neck tattoo I got approximately 18 years ago. It;s not very painful and no major scabbing or blistering yet, perhaps because its a small area. I didn't post pics of my first 4 treatments bc the results were very subtle. I'm currently on my 5th of 10 projected... READ MORE

Removing Black and Red Chest Tattoo. Sweden, SE

On popular request, here is my tattoo laser review :) The removal was done several years ago during 2012 so the details are a bit blurry but thanks to Google calendar I was able to dig out that I did either 8 or 9 sessions with one month in between. The tattoo was two paw marks with red in the... READ MORE

Lazer Tattoo Removal 1st Session - Ireland, IE

Okay so I got my first session of lazer treatment done on a tattoo that was very badly tattooed. Iv wanted it done for a long time but like that I was afraid that it wouldn't go so well and leave me off worse than the tattoo had been done. Now after my first session it's little over a week later... READ MORE

Micropen TR-Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

I decided to do tattoo removal with the Micropen TR on February 27, 2015. I had 2 laser treatments prior and saw no difference in my tattoo and was NOT satisfied, who would want to go through that terrible pain for nothing? It has now been two weeks since my 1st treatment with the TR and all I... READ MORE

18 Years of Regret :(

Hi. When I was 16 I stupidly woke up one morning and went to the tattoo shop. I didn't give any thought to what I was doing and just picked an image that I thought was cool and got tattooed. It is a black panther and it's on my breast (apprx 3 inches by 1.5 inches in size). For the first... READ MORE

Tired of Looking at my Own Legs (Mom Was Right) - Cincinnati, OH

I got my first tattoo when I was 16 years old and fell in love. I loved how liberating getting a tattoo felt, overcoming the pain, everything about it. I knew as soon as I turned 18 I wanted to get more, of course... I didn't really think through EXACTLY what I wanted. I made the mistake of... READ MORE

My Welsh Laser Treatment Story So Far..... - Cardiff, Wales, UK

Hi guys I'm Sian, 32 from South Wales, UK. This site has been so helpful to me in choosing to remove my wrist tattoo. Your stories are so inspirational and heartfelt so I felt I should share my journey from across the pond :) I had a daisy tattoo done on my wrist when I was 15 - yes the... READ MORE

Slowly but surely? - New York, NY

I have a roughly 4x6 inch tattoo covering my lower right ankle. I dont love it. I dont hate it. If it had to be there the rest of my life it wouldnt bother me, but Ive started making a decent living, had the extra money, and would prefer it wasnt there. I went to Dr Rand in NYC. He was very... READ MORE

I Make Really Bad Decisions - Memphis, TN

I had started writing on Blogger to document these procedures but then found this site and thought it was much more informative and useful. Please excuse the anger and bitterness from these initial posts. I will tell you right now it's not pretty. I post them below with the original dates... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Half Sleeve - Glasgow, GB

Ok. So I attended my first session today. It took almost an hour and a half under the laser but the arm has been done! The laser used was a Q-switched YAG laser. Most people say this is very sore but I cant say it was any worse that getting the original tattoo. The pain did not deter me from the... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Chest Area - Don't Get Touch-Ups - Georgia

I have a tattoo of 5 smallish symbols in all black ink across my chest. I got it done towards the end of '09. I'm a quite pale caucasian female. The artist used black ink only, and after it got some sun damage in '10 I went back to get a touch-up. I'm not sure many people think... READ MORE

30 Year Old- Female with Ink Regrets. Time to "Revamp my Stamp" - Bonita Springs, FL

***UPDATE-HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING PHOTOS-WILL POST SOON**** In your 30's casual decisions you made in your teens/twenties tend to look a whole lot different, and that's IF you can see them. Point in case my "tramp stamp". I never really see it, I honestly forgot about it. So it didn't exactly... READ MORE

do not have go tattless tattoo removal - Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to warn everyone about the dangerous experimental procedure call go tattless. I had the procedure done almost 3 months ago it was sold to me on the idea that it was less painful little recovery and more successful than laser tattoo removal. However this couldn't be further from the... READ MORE

Tattoo Vanish Removal Method -Perth, Western Australia

I posted this in reply to another users question but thought I would create a new review so everyone could see it. I had one treatment of it so far. As JD 29 said the tattoo is basically tattooed over with a tattoo gun with no ink this is to break up the ink particles (tattoos are not... READ MORE

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