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I'm Embarrassed to go Swimming with my Sons

I got the two tattoos pictured below about 15 years ago. The Inca one on my back is a cover up for a shoddy Celtic Band I had done. The detail on the Inca one is great but on its own it looks silly, and I'm not going to get a whole shoulder/sleeve done as I want them both off. I've had my first... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Removal - North Myrtle Beach, SC

I dislike the tattoo on my side although it was done well and I wouldn't consider it a bad tattoo. I used the picosure website to find a location near me with the laser I wanted. I just completed my first session. I am dissatisfied with the place that I went to, but the results seem alright so... READ MORE

Amazing Results from First Treatment of Tattoo Removal - Gold Coast, AU

I had my first treatment of tattoo removal at Advanced Tattoo Removal on the Gold Coast of Australia. I treated a tattoo on my foot which was easy & not painful. I also treated a tattoo on my back which definitely hurt more. I had the shading on my back done as I hated it & wanted to... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on Arm

I've been slow to put a review on here, but wanted to let others know about the experience I have had so far with the tattoo removal. Going into the process a little over a year ago, I wasn't sure about how the results would be, which office to trust, etc. Since then I've been very happy with... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal in Lawrence Kansas

I have had 4 tattoo removal treatments since May, 2016 performed by Stephanie. It has been painful, as I expected, but we are seeing pretty good results. Immediately after treatment the area has been swollen and tender, with the outline of my tattoo being very raised. But within a few days... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal at Resetroom with Wayne

I'm having a number of tattoos removed but this revew is specifically for my foot. I've had five sessions so far with Wayne at Reset Room. The pros: * It's working really well. I've had five sessions previously although the red has only been treated twice so far as he didn't have the reds laser... READ MORE

Pico Sure - Seattle, WA

Huge tattoo ! Fixing it up with pico sure . So far I've had the best results from pico sure laser for tattoos and birthmarks. I have had a total of five or six treatments on this tattoo but the first three were with YAG laser that didn't work! I will put a photo of my tattoo before I started... READ MORE

Happy to Find Out Laser Removal Wasn't My Only Option! - Kingsport, TN

All in all, I don't dislike tattoos. I just didn't like mine any longer. I had been considering laser removal for some time, but with my skin tone, I was afraid it wasn't the best option. Then, a friend recommended Dr. Bharti. After my consultation, I learned that there was another... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Success - Sacramento, CA

I can't say enough great things about my experience with Dr. Tangetti and his staff. After thinking I'd be stuck with a adolescent mistake for the rest of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to see almost immediate results and a few tattoo removal after 5 treatments. If you were like me, and... READ MORE

Case of the Ex - East Lansing, MI

I decided to go to Local Tattoo in Lansing, MI to have my procedure done. Technician was very friendly and informative. Procedure feels like a rubber band snapping and sunburn!! The white "Will" in the pic is what happened after my session (it's normal). I will see the results in 6-8 weeks. I... READ MORE

My Results - Burlington, MA

This was done many years ago. I thought it might offer help to those wanting to get rid of theirs. It was very painful but worth the pain and cash. READ MORE

The FreeInk Journey - Picoway

Hi, Short history: I did a small tattoo in November/2013, and I didn't like it much. Later on 19 May 2016, I did a cover up in that tattoo, and I regretted instantly. The tattoo is all black ink. After some research, I've decided for the Enlighten Laser. However, there is only one place in my... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Does Not Work, my Horrible Experience - Great Neck, NY

I'm a 31 year old male, medium complexion/olive color skin. First off, I would never write a review without going through an experience myself. To start, let me just say that a lot of doctors and tattoo removal "experts" advertise a lot of the same before and afters in their marketing. That's... READ MORE

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Always want to remove my under lid tatto - they are too thick, and black. Procedure was quick, but painful, result is better than expected, color is very light now, swollen almost gone by day2. I have iced as much as I can during day1. Applied antibiotics eye ointment faithfully. Dr said the... READ MORE

Phoenix Tattoo - Houston, TX

I had been looking for somewhere to get rid of my 20 year old tattoo for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. Inkfree is a great place, they are very knowledgeable and professional. It does hurt a lot, but they have a numbing cream that makes a huge difference. Very happy with my results! READ MORE

Results Were So-so. Tattoo is Gone but the Skin Doesn't Look "Normal"

Overall, I'm not happy with the way the skin looks where there used to be a tattoo, but at least the tattoo is gone. I had a black tattoo removed. The laser depigmented my skin (luckily I have very fair skin, but it was still noticeably blue-tinted from the lack of melanin). My laser tech kept... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Nashville, TN

I started my ankle tattoo removal not knowing what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I have been in the best care with Taylor performing the laser procedures. Dr. Wendell's office is very clean and the staff is very kind and attentive to your needs so I would... READ MORE

Professional and Efficient Cosmetic Surgery at CDC Clinic - Armadale

Professional and efficient service by the doctors and nursing staff at this clinic. I have had several things done as my skin was a mess after years in the sun: Botox and filler (in wrinkles); loads of sunspots and moles taken off by laser; two skin cancers removed successfully. I have been... READ MORE

Ring Finger Tattoo Removal - Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. Webb removed my ring finger tattoo in his office in less than an hour. I was able to get an appointment witin a week. He and his staff were down to earth. They were friendly yet professional, compassionate and caring. So happy with the results. Beautiful office, felt at ease. I highly... READ MORE

Great Results with Tattoo Removal - Toms River, NJ

Just had my fourth tattoo removal session and I'm seeing great results I couldn't be happier Dr Small is a great and compassionate Dr he explained how the process would work and answered all my questions. His nurse Micki is just wonderful every time you go in his office staff is so pleasant and... READ MORE

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