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Consider a Cover Up - Bridgeville, PA

If you have a large tattoo that you want to get rid of completely, I agree laser is your best choice. If you have a small tattoo (like I did) that you just don't like for whatever reason, you may want to consider a cover with something you do like instead of removal. Here's why. I started... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal- First Treatment. 14 More to Go. - New York

After doing a little research on real self, Yelp and Google, I decided to make an appointment at Tataway in NYC, for picosure laser to remove a tattoo I've had for the past 20 years on my right boob of a Scorpio. The day of the appt I arrived 20 min late but the ladies there were friendly and... READ MORE

Lasered Area Still Has a Brown Stain/bruised Look 8 Weeks After Patch Test - London, UK

I went for a patch test 8 weeks ago in London which are charging £89 for 4 sessions but im not sure if the area that was lasered will be alright, after i had the patch test it was red and sore and just looked kind of grazed but i didn't get any blisters, it has now been 8 weeks and the area ... READ MORE

Candela PicoWay System Tattoo Removal Journey

I decided to get my first tattoo out of impulse, which I highly regret now. So now here I am eight years later going through the process of Laser Tattoo Removal. I went in for my first session at HairFree Laser Center a little nervous yet excited to finally go through with the process. The staff... READ MORE

Black Tattoo? FORGET Picosure!! San Francisco, CA

Wow. After 10 picosure treatments, I was frustrated. I have a dark, black coverup tattoo that my (now) ex hated. I bought this groupon for 3 sessions (4 Sq inch tattoo) using a Quanta Q plus C laser for $195. This laser can be used in 3 wavelengths, unlike picosure. (532, 1064, 694.) Black... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal at PureLite in Strood Kent - Not Recommended, Dreadful Experience. - Strood, Kent UK

I visited PureLite in Strood, Kent for a tattoo removal treatment on a visible black and grey tattoo that I was unhappy with. I initially had a consultation with Ranjeet, the laser operator, and we discussed all the necessary details and I read over the literature provided. I decided to have a... READ MORE

Lasering Off My Impulsive Ink Choice in Toronto, ON

I'd like to start this off with stating that I always have been and still am a tattoo enthusiast, I currently have 8 tattoos which will soon be 7 once my removal is complete. All of my tattoos mean something to me and the only reason why I'm removing one of them is because it didn't turn out... READ MORE

My Welsh Laser Treatment Story So Far..... - Cardiff, Wales, UK

Hi guys I'm Sian, 32 from South Wales, UK. This site has been so helpful to me in choosing to remove my wrist tattoo. Your stories are so inspirational and heartfelt so I felt I should share my journey from across the pond :) I had a daisy tattoo done on my wrist when I was 15 - yes the... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Small Black Ink Tattoo on Ankle - Harrison, NY

I started the removal process Jan. 29th and had my third treatment a week ago. So far I'm not too impressed. The photos are right before the first session, and right now (I know it looks a little slimy, I'm still slathering on the aquaphor twice a day). The first two sessions were relatively... READ MORE

Skinial Test Patch - Italy, IT

Hi everybody, ill start my skinial treatment on october 10th here in Italy. I have had a test to rule out infections and to see how my skin would reacted.. so far its just a bit red around it and thats it, so i hope it will heal really fast.. The treatment is pretty much like getting the tattoo... READ MORE

Think Before You Ink - Houston, TX

Hello i am a young mom of 2 baby boys and like all of you guys i am so upset and was so depressed until i got my first tattoo removal done. i felt some relief after it. it has been exactly 2 weeks since i got it done and i have seen some fading and some line breaking up... im just so mad at... READ MORE

Skinial Treatment - Essen, DE

I have done the Skinial treatmen in Germany. It was really painful on my belly, on my hand pain was ok. I remove 2 tattoos with 3-4 treatments, my first treatment is 6 weeks ago. You have 8 weeks to wait, for next treatment. The skin is really red and It looks llike get scarring, but let the... READ MORE

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