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Very Large Chest Tattoo Mess- 30yr Old Female, Calgary Ab Canada

Hey everyone- I'm new to this site. I'll start with my difficult journey this far. I was young blah blah blah and got a big chest piece done that I ended up hating immediately after getting it. I lived with it for 3 years before deciding I would attempt to have it covered. I did my research and... READ MORE

5 Sessions of Q Switched and Zero Results - Italy, IT

For now, I spent about $ 1,000, but the result was really disappointing. I know it's a long process, but frankly after five sessions of laser qswitched (Alexander Trivantage) I expected to see better results and start to not see my damn tattoo! But it is always there. For me the qswitched was... READ MORE

Expensive Cover Up - Japan

2 months ago I have a cover up of a tattoo which originally had my daughters name on it. The problem was I got the original while on holiday and the tattooist did a horrible job and so when I got back to Tokyo, I got my usual tatooist to re-write the name on a different part of my bad and to... READ MORE

Young and Stupid Last Minute Decision - Tattoo Removal - Chicago, IL

So I haven't started my treatment yet but I just wanted to get feedback from others going through this experience. Less than a month ago I got this whopping tattoo on my foot. My other artist I originally wanted work from had canceled on me, and being heart broken I really just wanted to walk... READ MORE

23 Year Old Made a Dumb Mistake - New York

Hi so I've been checking this site everyday since I got my tattoo and now I feel like I should share my story. It doesn't have a lot of meaning, except for the the fact that it represents my love for the beach and the ocean and my love for a particular genre of music. I thought that by getting... READ MORE

3 Tattoos to Get Removed. - Bakersfield, CA

I went in for my consultation today for the pico laser today. The lady in the office was really nice and very informative shes going to call me tomorrow to see if I want to go ahead with the appointment on Thursday . She said it would cost 350$ to 400$ per session. I'm really nervous but so... READ MORE

First Step - Grand Rapids, MI

I think this is a great website with a lot of good information. However, there is nothing here that pertains to my situation or my options. I hope to see some progress if I throw enough money at the tattoo. I also do not want any scarring or discoloring. I'm a bit skeptical about the R20... READ MORE

Removing a Black Outline Tattoo - Seattle, WA

I have a total of four tattoos, I really love my owl on my chest and my Phoenix on my arm but I asked my artist to give me a wolf tattoo and am so disappointed with the outcome. I love the other tattoos he did so I decided to go with his design but deeply regret it because the design I wanted... READ MORE

Starting Tattoo Removal - Edinburgh, GB

Long story cut short I had a tattoo done in my forearm about two years ago, I hated it and decided to get a shiny new tattoo next to it thinking It would make me like it, which I don't. I absaloutly hate it and for the last 3 months I won't wear anything short sleeved, not even to bed! I'm... READ MORE

Beware Skinial Tatto Removal - Nakkita (Perth WA)

DO NOT use Skinial tattoo removal. I paid Nakkita Smith ( Perth Western Australia) $2500 up front for my removal which was quoted at 5 sessions, with a guarantee of completion if there was additional treatment required. After the 5 sessions less than 1/4 of the tattoo is gone and there is so... READ MORE

I See Results

I've been spending $200/per treatment for my laser tattoo removal treatment. I've had 3 done and the changes are noticeable, but the tattoo is still there. Dr. Jay told me that it'd take 5-6 treatments. Make sure your doctor uses a Q-switched laser (I've researched the topic a lot, my Dr.... READ MORE

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