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pink ink + Tattoo Removal

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The Journey Begins: Tattoo Removal Nova Scotia, NS

At my place of work (a professional office), my tattoos have always been a bone of contention. I've always needed to wear long-sleeved shirts to keep them covered. It's been really inconvenient, especially in the heat of summer, or during pregnancy. I was approached recently, to see if the... READ MORE

Desperate After Ruining my Wrist with a Tattoo - Dubai, AE

Hi everyone, I got a baby pink tattoo (almost white) with the lettering "Stay Strong" on my inner wrist ,with a little heart. I did it in this color because I liked it, and didn't really care about people not being able to see it since I just wanted as a reminded to myself, but it came up... READ MORE

Should I Remove the Tattoo or Fix It??! - Ontario

Hi there! I recently had a tattoo done on my foot with a friend. We decided to get matchin tattoos but didn't exactly think it through. Anyway the idea was nice, matching dream catchers on our foot. We ended up going to this new shop in town and the guy was a little sketchy but we went through... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Color Tattoo Sleeve

Well, first of all thanks to all of you to help me with your experiences and making mee dont feel alone in this hard time. Now im realy having a bad bad time, from the moment i end up my tattoo i didn use short sleeve t shirt any more. Thanks here is winter, but i dont know what i will do when... READ MORE

Rejuvi removal- London, GB

I chose rejuvi for tattoo removal as laser is inaffective with the pink, yellow and white ink in my tattoo has.The process is similar to the tattooing process the rejuvi is tattooed onto the tattoo and brings the ink up wigh it to form a scab. This must be kept dry as scarring will occur if not.... READ MORE

19 Years Old Regrets 4th Tattoo - Winnipeg, MB

Hello my name is Breanne, I am im desperate need of support. I have a tattoo in front on my right shoulder blade it has many different colors including black, pink, white, yellow, blue, green and more! I am wondering if its worth entering the process of laser removal? I feel this tattoo is... READ MORE

Bad Experience with Laser Tattoo Removal - Greenville, MS

Hey, I am a 23 year old African American who have lips tatted on both breast consisting of the colors red, pink, and white. I had laser surgery done which was a bad idea. I have a scar that is now unbearable to look at. I'm really considering the excision of my tattoos but unsure should I do... READ MORE

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