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New Colorful Tattoo removal with Picoway

This weekend I went in for a consultation with Dr. Chung @ Delete and I can say that she was very understanding and I felt no pressure. I explained to her my situation and began to get emotional during the consultation when I started talking to her about the tattoo before I had this cover up... READ MORE

The Journey to Get the Dragon off my Back - Oslo, Norway

I got the tattoo when I was 18 years old (the summer of 2003) when I had just graduated. I was young and got the tattoo for all the wrong reasons. Never hated the tattoo, but never loved it either. I have looked into getting it removed many times, but never believed that it would work and... READ MORE

19 Years Old - Tattoo Regret (perhaps!)

I am 19 years old and am recently regretting a tattoo I got in memory of my mum who passed away when I was 12. After years of planning this tattoo, choosing my artist and deciding on what I wanted, I walked away feeling upset. A feeling of utter dread came over me as I stared at my forearm,... READ MORE

Amazing Tattoo Need for Remove from Shoulder - Moscow, Russia

Hi there! I got the tattoo almost 2 years ago. I love the picture but not the place on my shoulder. I cant wear tops, especcially at work, I cant go to meet parents with undressed shoulder, and I feel the others denounce me. Also now I think any tattoo dont look good in motion on that place.... READ MORE

Two Old Tattoos Removal with Nd-yag and Picoway

Hello, First of all, excuse me for my English, I am from Europe. I think it is about time I introduce myself. The last two and a half years I have been reading a lot on real self regarding tattoo removal. All of your stories really helped me keeping my sanity in this process! Thank you for... READ MORE

Picoway, Tattoo Removal - Berlin, Germany

This week i found out that there is a pico way laser in Berlin Germany. And I have done a test to see how my skin and off course tattoo will respond to the removal. Description of my Tattoo: approx. 7 years old, Blue flowers on my shoulder, very dark, not a lot of contrast between my skin and... READ MORE

4 Day Old Tattoo - Removal Via PicoWay - London, GB

Hi everyone, so I am starting my tattoo removal process. I guess I keep going back and forth between keeping and removing it. Keeping it because removal seems like a long process and I get to use the money for other things. I don't particularly hate the tattoo but I have now realised (a bit too... READ MORE

The FreeInk Journey - Picoway

Hi, Short history: I did a small tattoo in November/2013, and I didn't like it much. Later on 19 May 2016, I did a cover up in that tattoo, and I regretted instantly. The tattoo is all black ink. After some research, I've decided for the Enlighten Laser. However, there is only one place in my... READ MORE

27 Years Old Male, Three Tattoos to Bee Removed - London, GB

Hello everyone here!! I am 27 years old male. I have three tattoos that i want to remove. On is kind of a leopard skin bracelet 10 cm width around the arm over the elbow, other is10 cm length black ink lined daga in my inner low part of the leg over the ankle and a black lined with soft black... READ MORE

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