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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Brazil, BR

I've had a permant tattoo makeup in my eyebrows 3 months ago and I hated it! It was too dark, black, and uneven. I don't know why I did it, my eyebrows were perfect, I thought it would help me. I got so depressed and started looking for solutions (I also started going to therapy!!).I started... READ MORE

Laser Removal of Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

I started removing my large, winged black eyeliner tattoo in March 2016. First session: 3/4/16 with Lorena Öberg. Öberg is a laser specialist (and beautiful soul) who is based in London but was visiting Buffalo, New York for a training session and treated me with one pass of her custom-built Q... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Liner Removal with Tattoo Vanish (Permanent Makeup Cost $500) - Kalamazoo, MI

I had permanent lipstick applied Jan 16th. I don't wear makeup but now that I am in my 40s my lips are looking thinner and the coloring less vibrant so I wanted a fuller, more youthful lip. I emphasized the need to look natural and while laying down, the outline she drew looked fantastic. She... READ MORE

Lip Liner Tattoo to Cover a Dog Bite - Middleburg, VA

I was bit by a dog when I was about 18, I am now 22. I am very OCD when it comes to how I look and being young I don't always wear makeup and my looks are not overly but important enough to me. I went through multiple plastic surgeries to get my lip looking mostly normal and I should have just... READ MORE

My First Tattoo Removal Treatment - Burien, WA

We were all 18 and stupid right? Well that was my experience. One March night I was feeling a bit impulsive, and wanted to feel liberated so I decided to get a big Japanese crane tattooed on my forearm. The tattoo artist gladly accepted to do my tattoo even though there was only an hour left of... READ MORE

Beware Skinial Tatto Removal - Nakkita (Perth WA)

DO NOT use Skinial tattoo removal. I paid Nakkita Smith ( Perth Western Australia) $2500 up front for my removal which was quoted at 5 sessions, with a guarantee of completion if there was additional treatment required. After the 5 sessions less than 1/4 of the tattoo is gone and there is so... READ MORE

Results Were So-so. Tattoo is Gone but the Skin Doesn't Look "Normal"

Overall, I'm not happy with the way the skin looks where there used to be a tattoo, but at least the tattoo is gone. I had a black tattoo removed. The laser depigmented my skin (luckily I have very fair skin, but it was still noticeably blue-tinted from the lack of melanin). My laser tech kept... READ MORE

Don't Go Here if You Want Tattoos Removed. Fayetteville, NC

I went to this office to have a tattoo removed. I was told I would meet with the doctor but a young man (who I think is the doctor's son) saw me instead. The session hurt like heck but as I learned later was because it wa some wrong. The burns from the laser were so severe, it took almost 1... READ MORE

I Will Try Laser Tattoo Removal Again

I have a Laser tattoo removal on one of my tattoo last year. now im planning to remove my tattoos permanently. i have 3 tattoos left.What is the best numbing cream to use so that i won't feel everything? READ MORE

Permanent Make-up Tattoo Removal with Laser Treatment

I had permanent make-up injected into a scar on my cheek to give it some color. It was a disaster. It was too dark and in the wrong spot. So I've been getting laser treatments to remove it. The scar was flat at the beginning of the laser treatments and after a year of treatments it is... READ MORE

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