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"Large Colorful Tattoo Removal on Back with Picosure Laser" - Edmonton, AB

Okay, so I had just undergone tattoo removal with the picosure laser. I would like to say that this laser was not painful to me at all, it felt like a little sting, and although my tattoo is pretty big, it only took about 10 minutes for my first session. This is my before and after picture of my... READ MORE

I'm Embarrassed to go Swimming with my Sons

I got the two tattoos pictured below about 15 years ago. The Inca one on my back is a cover up for a shoddy Celtic Band I had done. The detail on the Inca one is great but on its own it looks silly, and I'm not going to get a whole shoulder/sleeve done as I want them both off. I've had my first... READ MORE

Picosure and Enlighten

This was actually done 2/14/15 but it wouldn't let me change the date that far back. My first treatment was done with Picosure. I didn't feel much pain at all. It sure did blister though. I got on giant water blister that popped a few days later. It as HUGE. There was very minimal change... READ MORE

Newly Engaged, Wanting Tattoo off my Upper Back - Creve Coeur, MO

I've had a cross tattoo on my upper back for 8-9 years now. For the last 5 years I've wanted it removed. My beliefs have changed and because of that, I am very embarrassed to have such a tattoo on myself. I am 27, female, newly engaged, and do not want this shown on my wedding day Side note,... READ MORE

Amazing Results from First Treatment of Tattoo Removal - Gold Coast, AU

I had my first treatment of tattoo removal at Advanced Tattoo Removal on the Gold Coast of Australia. I treated a tattoo on my foot which was easy & not painful. I also treated a tattoo on my back which definitely hurt more. I had the shading on my back done as I hated it & wanted to... READ MORE

Lower Back Tattoo - Ireland

So I got this tattoo when I was around 17. Hate it and have been wanting to remove it for so long. Well I'm getting married next year so now is a good time. I have had 3 sessions so far, 2 of them in Aurelia in Kilkenny, and recently found a tattoo place in My city Waterford that does removal,... READ MORE

Neck Tattoo Removal at Dr Pico Darlinghurst Using PICOSURE - Darlinghurst, Australia

Surprisingly the treatment was not at all painful given my tattoo I'm removing is on my neck. The results was mind blowing given it has only been my first treatment! The results were very noticeable not only by me but also my family and friends. Getting a large neck tattoo removed seemed like it... READ MORE

"Emotional" Tattoo Shock - Dearborn Heights, MI

I'm not sure if others have gone through this, but I felt instant regret and shock the same night I had gotten my tattoo done. I did not rush into it. I spend over 4 years researching and thinking about it. The process was simple and nearly painless. I was so thankful that the process was over.... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - New York, NY

A few years ago my parents forced me to remove my tattoo and I used a Q switch laser. The experience was so painful that I never returned and decided to get the tattoo touched up. 5 years later, I returned to the same dermatologist and facility were I learned they had pico laser. The experience... READ MORE

Slowly but surely? - New York, NY

I have a roughly 4x6 inch tattoo covering my lower right ankle. I dont love it. I dont hate it. If it had to be there the rest of my life it wouldnt bother me, but Ive started making a decent living, had the extra money, and would prefer it wasnt there. I went to Dr Rand in NYC. He was very... READ MORE

Tattoo to go!

I got my tattoo about 8 years ago in Thailand using the traditional method of a long bamboo stick instead of tattoo gun. I really didn't put any thought into what I wanted and definitely didn't research the artist. I lived with it without really giving it much thought until one day I decided to... READ MORE

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology.

Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for tattoo removal. The do numbing injections before I am pretty sensitive so Stephanie gives me a topical numbing first. I love how everyone is so gentle and makes the entire process as painless as possible. Very clean and sanitary. They even... READ MORE

Painless - Charleston, WV

Dr. Jarrod Chapman was amazing! My tattoo removal procedure was completely painless!! THe atmosphere was fantastic and the entire staff was welcoming and professional. The Spa is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. I highly recommend them. I will be going back for more procedures... READ MORE

Great Job - Phoenix, AZ

I would like to write a very positive review for Dr. Ethan Philpott. I received excellent care and Dr. Philpott's technical ability is unmatched. I didn't believe that it would come out this well. The tattoo is almost unrecognizable. I had also heard that the procedure was very painful, but... READ MORE

40 Year Old That Does Not Want Her Tattoos Anymore. Honolulu, HI

He is great! I have been going to him for 15+ years. He has been removing my tattoos and doing little thing along the way. Botox fillers.... I live on the mainland now so when I go home he does it. They are almost gone with NO scar. I adore him! I'm bringing a friend of mine from the mainland to... READ MORE

Neck Tattoo Removal Overdue - Metairie, LA

Contrary to popular belief laser tattoo removal is painless with numbing. I experienced my first treatment today at Rose Dermatology in Metairie and it was a success. The only uncomfortable part was the injections for the numbing and it was painful if your ok with getting shots. The laser... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Pensacola, FL

Such a friendly staff, doctor, and nurse! They work hard to make you feel as comfortable and pain free as they can. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, and have made me feel so at ease every appointment. I am so glad that I chose this office for my tattoo removal, they will continue to... READ MORE

PicoSure Tattoo Removal - New York, NY

I highly recommend Dr. Krant and the PicoSure tattoo removal process! I have a solid black tattoo about the size of my palm which I have had a very difficult and painful time trying to get it removed. I previously had 6 traditional laser removal treatments at another clinic, over a 1 year... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision - East Grinstead, GB

The procedure was relatively simple and performed under local anaesthetic. The only painful part was the actual injection of the anaesthetic but other than that its painless and was over in less than half an hour. The recovery time is also relatively short, for a week or so I kept my arm... READ MORE

Excisional Tattoo Removal - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a tattoo on my ankle that I had attempted to have lasered off & unfortunately experience significant adverse effects that persisted for months. That's why I looked into excisional tattoo removal. I sought consult with 3 other plastic surgeons who felt it couldn't be done before... READ MORE

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