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Complete Removal

Hi I need help from experienced people who have undergone tattoo removal or people that have had cover ups after tattoo was mostly removed. In above pic I don't love the fern like design in my elbow pit. It's heavily shaded but has dark black outline (just been done so is dense) Could this be... READ MORE

Tattoo Regret, I feel terrible

I had a tattoo on my lower arm 2weeks ago. I massively regret it. I can't accept what I've done. It doesn't suit me. It's too big, and difficult to hide. Im embarrassed and driving myself mad thinking about it. I have being to see about laser removal . Whilst the lady I saw was lovely and... READ MORE

Big Tattoos Are Making Me Depressed. Seattle, WA

I have actually 3 large tattoos to remove. the one pictured is going to be the most difficult as the other two are plain black and thin lines. after getting the two black ones then i got this big colorful one and realized i hated all of them. i am depressed and can't believe i did this to... READ MORE

Recent Half Sleeve Tattoo - Seeking Removal. New York, NY

Hi everyone, I just got this tattoo of a winding river outline and immediately regretted it. I have truly been having a mental break, anxiety and depression and haven't been able to eat or sleep. I've never felt like this before and am looking into laser treatments. I've gone to 5 places to... READ MORE

I'm a 20 Year Old and I Got a Tattoo a Few Weeks Ago on my Hip. Texas, TX

Hi, I got a tattoo a few weeks ago and the idea of having it didn't worry me bc I was going to have it hidden from my parents anyway and the thought of having roses didn't bother me either. But,I wish I could've gone back in time researching more of these forums and the long pain and process of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lighten Only Certain Parts of a Tattoo? Chicago, IL

This is so hard to write because I've been so upset by this situation lately. So much so that I feel debilitated and depressed. Here we go.... A couple of years ago I got a tattoo on my inner forearm that I immediately hated. I didn't admit to myself for quite a while, though. I pretended... READ MORE

Black Tattoo? FORGET Picosure!! San Francisco, CA

Wow. After 10 picosure treatments, I was frustrated. I have a dark, black coverup tattoo that my (now) ex hated. I bought this groupon for 3 sessions (4 Sq inch tattoo) using a Quanta Q plus C laser for $195. This laser can be used in 3 wavelengths, unlike picosure. (532, 1064, 694.) Black... READ MORE

NZ Tattoo Removal with Quanta Q Plus C Laser. Wellington, NZ

I sketched, dreamed and worked on my tattoo for about 5yrs before having it placed. It was not a decision I made lightly. The tattoo was placed in the summer of 2007/08, and half of it has been re-outlined May 2012 (before I realised nothing would 'fix' it!). I had it placed initially by a... READ MORE

Removal of colorful tattoo

This is a follow up to a previous review I wrote under the title "Coping with tattoo regret and removal." I signed off for a bit but then was not able to continue with my old account. I will sum up my previous review and update you on my current progress. I got my very first tattoo in Jan 2013.... READ MORE

Big Tattoo, Big Regret

I have probably spent about $3,200 on my 7 treatments at Blink Tattoo removal so far. I have a very large tattoo that I desperately need gone. It is an outline of a tree that covers almost my whole back. After I got the outline (which took 4 hours) I panicked and cancelled my next appointment. I... READ MORE

Multi Color Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

I have considered laser tattoo removal for a while. My hesitation was not the cost or the pain, it was that even though I don't want that tattoo or any tattoo, the quality of it was pretty good, so it at least had that going for it. I did not want to have a blurry half removed tattoo with... READ MORE

Depressed Young Woman in Desperate Need of Large Tattoo Removal

I spent months saving and prepping for what was going to be a beautiful amazing chest piece. I am covered in many other tattoos that I will proudly wear to my grave, (half of them were impluse) but I have cried every day since I got home from the tattoo and I cannot look at myself in the mirror... READ MORE

Young, Stupid, and Regretful - Lakeland, FL

6 months ago me and my fiance broke up...yes this is one of THOSE stories and I'm not proud to tell it...a month or 2 later I got half of a broken heart tattoo in blue with a black outline on the inside of my forearm. I was so sure I wouldn't regret it. I was gonna get the other half drawn... READ MORE

29 California

Don't even know where to start. I feel my whole world is shattered. I'm an artist people always have paid me to draw their family photos, pets, babies etc. I also draw my own my own projects and sell prints of them. It's always brought a certain satisfaction as a sidejob and I hoped to one day... READ MORE

That Was Dumb, So How Do I Live with It - Vancouver, BC

Hey everyone, so I have been reading everyone's story for the past couple of months, its nice to know that I am not alone but its also hard to realise how much so many people have suffered. I got the outline for a full sleeve a while back. I always wanted a sleeve, but I rushed into it a bit, I... READ MORE

A Lot to Handle but Committed to the Process - New York, NY

Hey everyone, I have a lot of tattoos and recently I just woke up one day and realized, "What have I done? I don't want to look like this anymore." So I decided to change. I have been doing a lot of research on tattoo removal (as I'm sure you all have been, hopefully) as well as the process... READ MORE

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