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Amazing Tattoo Removal. Manhattan, NY

I had a job offer and was denied due to my tattoo located on my finger. Luckily the employer have me the opportunity to remove it and still have the job offer available. So my search in finding the best tattoo removal procedure began. After a couple different consultations with other doctors I... READ MORE

HELP! - Need to Get Something off my Chest (Literally and Figuratively) - Toronto, ON

Hi there, I'm so grateful to have stumbled on this site, as I am desperately seeking some guidance. I got 2 tattoos on my chest area on April 3rd, and am in a terrible world of regret. These are not my first tattoos and ones which I had thought about for some time, but the execution wasn't... READ MORE

Unwanted Wrist Tattoo

My motivation towards getting the treatment was because i was not pleased with the tattoo and no longer wanted on my wrist. The treatment started to fade the color of my tattoo which i liked because it was originally a colorful/dark tattoo. The cons towards the treatment was the injection for... READ MORE

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