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I started getting laser removal of my ex husbands name lucky me right. Well I'm starting to get frustrated because I've had my fourth session and it still has not gone it is right above my heart and I thought that supposed to be where it goes The most I understand that she likes to use a local... READ MORE

Trying to Get Rid of This Horrible Tattoo - Parkland, Florida

So I got this hideous tattoo when I was 17.. Smh. My first mistake!! Anyhow I have been attempting to have it removed at a local med spa but I am not convinced that the laser is working. I previously had a tattoo removed on my arm at another facility but it is far away so rather than go back to... READ MORE

5 Sessions of Q Switched and Zero Results - Italy, IT

For now, I spent about $ 1,000, but the result was really disappointing. I know it's a long process, but frankly after five sessions of laser qswitched (Alexander Trivantage) I expected to see better results and start to not see my damn tattoo! But it is always there. For me the qswitched was... READ MORE

9 Laser Treatments Later......minimal Results. - Sacramento, CA

I got a Friday the 13th tattoo September of 2013. Chose to place it on the back of my neck because I could always hide it with my long hair.... well in Jan of 2014 I decided I wanted to join the military.... dream was cut short when the tattoo I had just got DQ'd me. So I embarked on this laser... READ MORE

Appreciate Your Input - Buffalo, NY

Unlike many stories I've heard I actually spent a lot of time thinking about my tattoo. After my first Ironman competition I looked so forward to getting it that I walked into the first tattoo place I heard of and said 'let's do this!' The artist took my scale print out and made a stencil. When... READ MORE

Not Sure if Im Being Ripped off - New York, NY

I have had 5 sessions of tattoo removal using a medlite c6 laser. I see very little results. At this rate I can see it taking 100 sessions. The laser hurts but I do not seem to experience what others are saying they experience. 1. My tattoo does not turn white from the laser. 2. no blisters.... READ MORE

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