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Horrible Mistake and I Hate It! Memphis, Tennessee

I have had about 20 treatments and my tattoo is still visible. I had to take a break for financial reasons, but I still have faith that this thing will disappear sooner than later. I actually have 10 tattoos and regret every one of them. I was fearless when I got them and could care less about... READ MORE

Before First Pico Sure Treatment with Other Lasers. Boise, ID

The revite laser was used on bottom of original tattoo and the top swell for the cover up. id say total about 15 sessions but only 5 on the new one and haven't seen any change since about 10 sessions. zero new fading. picosure laser was done 1 time and literally looks the exact same and was... READ MORE

2 Days After First Tattoo Removal Session - Sherman Oaks, CA

I've had this tattoo on my inner bicep for a little over 3 years now. I regretted it the day I got it but had to live with it. I finally decided to get rid of it after a couple of months of going back and forth. It got a bit swollen & a bit bruised. No difference yet as it is too soon. I have... READ MORE

Mid 30s and Going Through Tattoo Removal with a Side of Depression - Manila, PH

You'd think being in your 30s you'd be a lot wiser in making decisions especially when it comes to something as permanent as a tattoo but not in my case. I'm 35 years old and recently got a forearm tattoo a couple of months back. I did enjoy it for probably a month after I'd gotten it but just... READ MORE

Trying to Remove a Cover Up Tattoo - Livingston, NJ

I was stupid to get a tattoo (143 Chas), worst mistake ever. I went and got it covered, but hate it even more, ten years now. My job has a no tattoo policy so I am a part of the long sleeves gang. I decided to get it removed, I have had 2 procedures done. I am sad because I have yet to see any... READ MORE

Black Tattoo Removal - Italy, IT

I started my tattoo removal in 2012 , its almost a year since than and i still dont see a lot of improvement. I loved my tattoo but i had to remove it since im trying to get a job in the middle east . I had 5 sessions until now , but the 5th one i did it at another clinic since i didnt see so... READ MORE

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