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Half Sleeve Nightmare!

Last september I was often hanging out with a tattoo artist and got many tattoo's in a short period of time... one day my friends convinced me to get a portrait of audrey hepburn on the front of my lower arm... without actually thinking it through I proceeded with the tattoo.... instantly I had... READ MORE

Trying to Fix my Mistakes

Hello everyone! First of all, excuse me for my mistakes, English is not my native language. So, like everyone here I have a story behind my tattos and removing them. I always loved tattoos and wanted to get one done. When I was a teenager, I was dating a guy who was really heavily tattoed and at... READ MORE

Just Got a Other Mistake... Why Didn't I Just Get Rid of the First One.. - Oklahoma City, OK

Where to begin without sounding completely idiotic... I'm only 22 years old, I have a son Im married now, & when I was fifteen I got a bow done and some buddies apartment and then later when I was 18 got it redone professionally because it looked like trash. now at 22 years old and i had the... READ MORE

22 Years Old with 3 Mistakes - Bronx, NY

I got this tattoo when I was 18. I was going through a lot because I just got kicked out and was really upset about that plus I was balancing that with college which was really hard plus I was working as a dancer supporting myself. I walked into a random ass tattoo shop down the road from me and... READ MORE

I've Made an Huge Mistake 4 Years Ago, Now I'm Trying to Fix It! - Italy, IT

Hi everybody, sorry for my english but I'm italian and I haven't write in english from a while! Four years ago I've made this BIG mistake, I've got a tattoo on my leg.. It's SO big, I'm so ashamed of it, since I've got it I haven't show my leg in public.. can you imagine what it means? all... READ MORE

Huge Mistake Slowly Being Erased - Exeter, GB

After living with this monstrosity for the best part of a decade I finally took the plunge a year ago and started laser treatment. Had 2 sessions at one place, her attitude made me feel uncomfortable so looked around and found somewhere where I feel totally at ease. im starting to feel a weight... READ MORE

23 Year Old Made a Dumb Mistake - New York

Hi so I've been checking this site everyday since I got my tattoo and now I feel like I should share my story. It doesn't have a lot of meaning, except for the the fact that it represents my love for the beach and the ocean and my love for a particular genre of music. I thought that by getting... READ MORE

24 Year Old Girl, Two Tattoos That I Hate, One is Getting Coverup Soon

Hello... I don't know what's been wrong with me, but since I too the other one of these tattoos I hate, I didn't tell for my parents of that and I've been hiding it in public places and everywhere. Now it's getting summer and it's very hot to wear long sleeves all the time and peolple are... READ MORE

Hoping My Wings Will Fly Away -Portland, OR's my story. I got this tattoo when I was 17. Its a lovely piece. However, I got it for all the wrong reasons. A boy was the main influence. He was much older than me, into tattoos, and pressured me into getting it. Yes, I know. I'm pathetic. I got it to impress him and because of... READ MORE

My First Tattoo Removal Treatment - Burien, WA

We were all 18 and stupid right? Well that was my experience. One March night I was feeling a bit impulsive, and wanted to feel liberated so I decided to get a big Japanese crane tattooed on my forearm. The tattoo artist gladly accepted to do my tattoo even though there was only an hour left of... READ MORE

The Biggest Mistake of my Life ... a Dream Become a Nightmare. - Milano, TX

Are subject to a 23-year-old on August 26, 2013 I will never forget that terrible day I decided to get a tattoo on my right arm .. now hated by the poor quality of the artist performing the work from that day .. My life has become a nightmare, so I decided to do a cover-up thinking that my... READ MORE

Erasing the Worst Mistake of my Life - Berlin, Germany

So I got my first ever tattoo exactly a month ago while I was on holiday in Italy with a couple of friends. I still don't understand why I got it done, why I let myself be pushed into getting it done and why I didn't listen to my own reasoning and refuse to get it done, but I ended up being... READ MORE

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