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Lower Back Tattoo - Ireland

So I got this tattoo when I was around 17. Hate it and have been wanting to remove it for so long. Well I'm getting married next year so now is a good time. I have had 3 sessions so far, 2 of them in Aurelia in Kilkenny, and recently found a tattoo place in My city Waterford that does removal,... READ MORE

I've Really Screwed Up. What Can I Realistically Expect if I Attempt Removal? - Louisiana, LA

So I got a tattoo on my lower back in 1998. Another one of those dumb 18 years old mistakes. I've lived with it all these years and then suddenly got the bright idea to get a cover up. BAD IDEA. My results in my opinion are hideous. I'm crying and depressed, angry at my own stupidity. So I'm... READ MORE

Soon to Be Gone! Bellevue, WA

I got a tattoo in Arizona at college over 10 years ago. Now looks silly on my lower back as a man...can you say tramp stamp. Time to say bye bye to it. Went to Naficy rejuvenation center in bellevue and had a great experience. Great staff and pricing. Multiple more tx ahead but found the right... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal Journey -

I have a 16 year old black tattoo on my lower back that over the years haven't liked, I finally started laser tattoo removal in November, it was suggested I share my journey so here I am! Here is a picture of my tattoo 4 weeks after the first session, you can see some lightening around the... READ MORE

I Couldn't Wait to Get This Tattoo off my Lower Back! - New York, NY

I am a 32 year old woman and for over a decade I have had a tattoo in a very 'typical' place on my body. As a professional in a fast growing industry I always have to be on top of trends. I always thought I was the cool kid so I got one of those tattoos, referred to as 'tramp stamps' after... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal Process - Reno, NV

I currently have two tattoos that I really love, and one that I hate. The one I want removed was the first tattoo I ever got (and also the largest of the three). I was only 18 and like many 18 year olds, made an impulsive decision and have regretted it since then. I also imagined at the time... READ MORE

So Scared...What To Expect? - Norfolk, VA

I found this site yesterday and it has touched me more than I can even put into words. I have a large lower back tattoo that I've never really been happy with. It means something personal to me, and was in honor of someone very special that passed away, but I just don't feel the same about it... READ MORE

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