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Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal. Edmonton, AB

I'm strongly considering getting a Picosure laser tattoo removal. I have a few tattoos but I just feel like the artwork wasn't very well done on this particular one. I want to have it covered up but I spoke with a tattoo artist who advised lightening it first with laser removal. I did my... READ MORE

Fear of Hyper and Hypo Pigmentation for Tattoo Removal

I've always been very eager to get to get a tattoo, but never have had enough money to get to them. I'm going into my junior year of college and most of my friends already had tattoos, which made me even more eager to get them. In the beginning of July I got my first tattoo and I loved it. I... READ MORE

"Large Colorful Tattoo Removal on Back with Picosure Laser" - Edmonton, AB

Okay, so I had just undergone tattoo removal with the picosure laser. I would like to say that this laser was not painful to me at all, it felt like a little sting, and although my tattoo is pretty big, it only took about 10 minutes for my first session. This is my before and after picture of my... READ MORE

Medlite C6 Tattoo Removal

Got a tattoo at 19 got what I paid for cheap work for a cheap price. My wife never liked it and I never saw it as a wow tattoo I invisioned. I want to lighten it to get something awsome. This was my first session. After the first session shading inmediately faded darker areas is losing ink very... READ MORE

Tattoos Which Need to Go - Austria

Hi everyone! I got 2 tattoos some years ago (4-5) and I didn't like them some time later. So last year, I had both covered up, same thing, I ended up not liking these either. Now I'm looking into tattoo removal. I am currently based in Vienna, Austria. I already had an appointment with a doctor... READ MORE

Tribal Tattoo Removal/Lightening for Cover Up - Scotland, GB

I wasnt going to leave a review on here about my treatment I have had carried out on a tribal tattoo I got at 16 years old but seeing the results that people here are getting i felt i should. The tattoo had been recoloured so was a dense black tattoo. I have had 2 treatments. On my first... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal with PiQo4 Laser

Twenty-five years ago, I walked into a tattoo studio with a photo of one of Raphael's angels from the Sistine Madonna. Ninety minutes later walked out with a tattoo I was pretty happy with. Over the years it's faded and stretched out a bit. I had my first consultation for removal about fifteen... READ MORE

Seeking Removal of Half Sleeve with LARGE Bright Green Background - San Diego, CA

After creeping on this site for weeks im relieved to learn im not alone with tattoo regret.I am heavily tattooed as it is and went to have a Salvador Dali inspired half sleeve finished. When it was done I instantly HATED it. It looks like the painting "will upload pictures soon" but I wasn't... READ MORE

Depressed Beyond Belief-Wondering if I Should Learn to Live with This, or DoSome Laser to Lighten It for aCoverup - Dearborn, MO

I had the outline of this snake tattoo done several years ago. I have a full sleeve on my other arm too. I was never crazy about the snake head, but I did not explore things enough to recognize that if I had the outline lasered, I could get something else in place of it. Now, I'm petrefied... READ MORE

The Journey Begins: Tattoo Removal Nova Scotia, NS

At my place of work (a professional office), my tattoos have always been a bone of contention. I've always needed to wear long-sleeved shirts to keep them covered. It's been really inconvenient, especially in the heat of summer, or during pregnancy. I was approached recently, to see if the... READ MORE

10 Months into Removal - Lakewood, CO

I am 10 months into laser treatments every 6 weeks of a tattoo on my hip that has got to go. At the very least I need to get it to a stage where it is light enough to cover up. Ideally, I would like it to disappear entirely, but I am beginning to think that that might not happen. The treatments... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lighten Only Certain Parts of a Tattoo? Chicago, IL

This is so hard to write because I've been so upset by this situation lately. So much so that I feel debilitated and depressed. Here we go.... A couple of years ago I got a tattoo on my inner forearm that I immediately hated. I didn't admit to myself for quite a while, though. I pretended... READ MORE

Student Working Hard to Afford To Remove This Mistake - Edinburgh, GB

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I'm a 19 year old Student in Edinburgh and im grateful to have stumbled across this forum! I was having a very rough time a while back and impulsively decided to get a tattoo thinking it would make me happier - however it did the opposite! I didn't need an appointment and the... READ MORE

Test Spot, Major Skin Damage - Brighton, MI

My goal: to get some of the black lightened up. And normal lighting conditions it's way too dark and black blobish. I had a test done last night, to get an idea of the pain before I make my appointment. From all the videos I watched, the treatment is fairly quick. But in my experience last night... READ MORE

Indian Ethnicity Removing All Black Tattoo on Wrist - Little Rock, AR

My husband and I got engaged on the beach and I consider him and God my "anchors" that keep me grounded...this lead up to me getting my small anchor tattoo (all black) on my wrist (1 inch x 1 inch). The first time it was done by the tattoo artist it wasn't symmetrical at all. I went back and had... READ MORE

Finally Had my First Tattoo Removal Session - New York, NY

It's been 6 weeks since I have gotten that bad tattoo which seemed like a year. So finally had my first treatment yesterday. I applied the cream 2 hours prior to the treatment and took Advil an hour before. My tattoo is about 6 inches long and it's on my left rib. The goal is to lighten it up... READ MORE

Living in Regret of a Bad Tat -Santa Rosa, CA

About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to get my first tattoo... little did I know the artists portfolio was fake and this guy had no idea what he was doing. I wanted a simple rose on my ankle and 6 hrs of torture later I ended up with a weird looking green blob. I spent a couple years hating it... READ MORE

Please Help...Estimate Cost of Partial Removal? - Atlanta, GA

Hello guys...I got this tattoo around last March(2012) and I deeply regret getting it. I was 16 years old and I didn't know what in the world I was doing. Basically, I rushed getting the tattoo done...didn't really study the artist's work and got it done the same day I asked about it. (walk... READ MORE

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Always want to remove my under lid tatto - they are too thick, and black. Procedure was quick, but painful, result is better than expected, color is very light now, swollen almost gone by day2. I have iced as much as I can during day1. Applied antibiotics eye ointment faithfully. Dr said the... READ MORE

Regretting my Poor Quality Ink - Corpus Christi, TX

Tomorrow I am going in for a consultation for removal of two tattoos. One is all blue line work and the other is blue, black, grey, and red. The completely blue one is on my foot, the other on my wrist. I got them both in 2011 and liked them initially however now that I am a few years wiser I... READ MORE

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