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keloid scar + Tattoo Removal

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2 Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions Completed Already

2 laser tattoo removal sessions completed already. Seond time around I got bad blistering and got an infection which lead to abcesses which lead to scarring including the major keloid scar you see. Now I have to get that fixed. Still going to continue with laser tattoo removal sessions, just... READ MORE

Beginning Tattoo Removal - Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I have 3 tattoos. My first was on my lower back of a very small ( 1 inch) crescent moon outline. ( i got 13 years ago) My second was of a 4 by 2 inch fairy on my pelvic Bone ( hidden) ( 11 years ago) and my last is of 3 tiny ( non outlined) turquoise stars... READ MORE

Tattoo - Chronicles of Getting Them and Removing Them

My story is very complicated. It chronicles 10 years as I turn 27 in August. My tattoo quest begun at age 16. I spent a couple thousand dollars on professional tattooing over the next three years(that includes having my entire armpit tattooed). When I was 19 I built my own tattoo machine (people... READ MORE

do not have go tattless tattoo removal - Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to warn everyone about the dangerous experimental procedure call go tattless. I had the procedure done almost 3 months ago it was sold to me on the idea that it was less painful little recovery and more successful than laser tattoo removal. However this couldn't be further from the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Not Really Worth It - Costa Mesa, CA

Hi, when i was younger (14) i hung around the wrong people and got alot of things tattooed i wish i hadn't. when i was 16. i had someone botched a tattoo on my arm. it was quite a large piece. i opted to get tattoo removal and began working my way to saving money for the removals which was 250 a... READ MORE

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