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My Tattoo Removal Experience (In Progress) - Santa Paula, CA

I was 16 when I decided to get "Live Fast Die Pretty" inked across my stomach. It was an act of rebellion against my strict parents that at the age of 21 backfired with regret. I am now 22 and have had 5 tattoo removal treatments. The tattoo is 6 years old and made of only black ink. I have an... READ MORE

First Treatment to Remove Little Black Dandelion Seeds from my Neck - Oklahoma City, OK

The procedure was painful but I really want these off. The price is by area. It is raised and red after 1 week with slight itchiness. A doctor did not perform it just the technician. I go back April 26 for the 2nd laser treatment. The laser is a QC ??? Something not pico. Hopefully this will... READ MORE

Removal of colorful tattoo

This is a follow up to a previous review I wrote under the title "Coping with tattoo regret and removal." I signed off for a bit but then was not able to continue with my old account. I will sum up my previous review and update you on my current progress. I got my very first tattoo in Jan 2013.... READ MORE

Tatt Away

I have now had 4 ..painful treatments. :( really unpleasant makes you really think about getting another tattoo. oh and to mention the tattoo im removing cost me 80$ at a fort myers beach (florida) tattoo parlor when i was 18 this wasnt some scratched tattoo in a basement, but none the less... READ MORE

My Welsh Laser Treatment Story So Far..... - Cardiff, Wales, UK

Hi guys I'm Sian, 32 from South Wales, UK. This site has been so helpful to me in choosing to remove my wrist tattoo. Your stories are so inspirational and heartfelt so I felt I should share my journey from across the pond :) I had a daisy tattoo done on my wrist when I was 15 - yes the... READ MORE

Half Sleeve Removal in Parts - Valletta, Malta

I've got the lower part of my arm in various colours, I'm a week after my first treatment on the first section. The laser used was the RevLite SI by Cynosure and for this first treatment the colours treated were Black (very dense) and red. The first treatment went well probably about 10x6 cm... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal with Alma Laser- Alpharetta, GA

I have a butterfly tattoo on my abdomen that I got when I turned 18, it was kind of impulse and now I hate it, so I'm having it lasered off and I'm just hoping that I don't get any scaring. I would hate to have a huge scar instead of a tattoo! I purchased a Groupon since I could not afford to... READ MORE

My Tattoo Story...Getting Them and Regretting Them. _ Nashville, TN

So here is my story...I always contemplated getting a tattoo and thought long and hard about it before I got mine at the age of 20. It was just a script of a verse out of a song my father wrote for my mother before he passed ad I got it in my mothers handwriting. Loved the tattoo but didn't love... READ MORE

Early Stages of Tattoo Removal by Laser. Livingston, GB

I'm only on my 2nd week of this procedure I reckon it will take a few more to remove totally, it was not that painful the most annoying part of it is when it gets itchy. I'm 2 weeks it and it's getting very itchy , that bad I can't sleep sometimes. The best way to deal with it is drink loads of... READ MORE

Am in Process of Having Two Tattoos Removed

I am currently in the process of having 2 tattoos removed. After my first session I developed a HUGE blister on my ankle tattoo and had to take antibiotics as a precaution. I also develop itchy skin and hives about a week after treatment and it usually lasts about 3 weeks. Hydro-cortisone cream... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - 1 Session So Far - Massachusetts

So far I've had one session about 2 months ago. They injected the site wiht numbing meds before the procedure and I did not feel a thing which I was amazed at. I thought I'd feel it a little. The Dr. went over the tattoo once, waited for about 30 minutes and went over it again. Once... READ MORE

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