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***Rebellion Turned Conservative - Tattoo removal*** - Westminster, CO

Hello everyone! I just had my first treatment with the Quanta Q + C after much research between the q switch and Pico sure. My technician has told me it will take 9 treatments for all 4 tattoos + or – 1-2 treatments. I felt very comfortable with Judi as she has tattoos that she is removing w... READ MORE

Need to Remove my Eyeliner Tattoo. New York, NY

Just started my first treatment It was very painful ( like I'm about to pass out) But I made though lol now my eyes are hurting and itching so discomfort I can't wait for it to be gone.... Did my eyeliner tattoo long ago when I was 18 for stupid reason (such a noob) lol I paid 6 treatments...... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Yag Q-Switched Medlite / Picosure - Washington, D.C.

Hi all! This is my first review on here and I really thank all of you first of all because this is where I came when I was looking into getting my three ugly ass tattoos removed. So far I have had two laser tattoo removal treatments using a Medlite Q-switched Yag laser. I live in the Washington,... READ MORE

Removing my Ex's Name - Using FracTAT Tattoo Removal Procedure at BEAUTONICS Kent UK

Been to BEAUTONICS before about 2 years ago was pleased with price and result. They have since upgraded to a FOTONA lasers. Went back to remove large ex's name on my forearm. Was not looking forward to removal at all, but tattoo removal is what it is. Thought about using Picosure, but I... READ MORE

Diary of my Tattoo Removal in London, England

It's too early to review as yet as I've only had one treatement, but I've created a diary blog of my tattoo removal in London. All I can say so far is that it hurts, a lot! I have decided to create a blog to show the progress of getting my tattoo removed (apologies for showing so much bum... READ MORE

5 Years And Counting - Argentina, AR

Hi everyone, I decided to post my really long removal procedure. I started sometime around october 2008 and until today I still deal with it. Is annoying. Hurts, costs lots of money and I even traveled the world to get it done with anaesthesia. I started in UK in a reknown skin clinic and came... READ MORE

Removing my 12 Year Old Wings. - Ohio

Session 1/Day 1. My tattoo is located on my upper back and is of wings. I received it around 11 years prior, so it was rather faded. THANKFULLY! I have been wanting to get the tattoo removed for some time, just never went through with it. When my boyfriend began suggesting we get married... READ MORE

I Had Lazer Done - La Canada Flintridge, CA

The whole top of my foot was a big flower and I had it lazered off. It hurt but not as much as getting the tattoo. it took 15 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart. If it bothers you this much to the point of anxiety I say yes, get lazer done! Just remember once you start keep going until it's gone.... READ MORE

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