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10 Months into Removal - Lakewood, CO

I am 10 months into laser treatments every 6 weeks of a tattoo on my hip that has got to go. At the very least I need to get it to a stage where it is light enough to cover up. Ideally, I would like it to disappear entirely, but I am beginning to think that that might not happen. The treatments... READ MORE

I'm a 20 Year Old and I Got a Tattoo a Few Weeks Ago on my Hip. Texas, TX

Hi, I got a tattoo a few weeks ago and the idea of having it didn't worry me bc I was going to have it hidden from my parents anyway and the thought of having roses didn't bother me either. But,I wish I could've gone back in time researching more of these forums and the long pain and process of... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Why Did I Do This? - Lubbock, TX

Hi My Nae is Terra and my story is so long I will start with I had a tummy tuck Almost 2 years ago, I got my CPT and was feeling amazing well the scar bothered me so I decided I was going to get something very little and feminine nothing huge! Just wanted something pretty. I went to a good... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal by Surgical Excision - London, GB

I got my tattoos done when I was very young and after 12 years I decided I had grown out of them so decided to have them romoved. I chose surgical excision as it was quick (you don't need several sessions as you would with laser removal), guaranteed (laser removal doesn't always work and can... READ MORE

Medium Sized Tattoo with LOTS of Color - Denver, CO

I got this tattoo when I was 18 and have since grown out of the placement and tattoos in general. I have several other tattoos that I want removed but this is the most intolerable. I'm not sure that it will ever come off as it is relatively new, colorful, and a high quality professional tattoo.... READ MORE

The Beginning of the Long Process of Laser Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

After several years of wanting to remove my 2 tattoos that were reminders of a wild youth, I finally took the plunge last week the day before I turn 45 and started treatment. I went in for my consultation during the middle of the work day and met with the nurse and then with the business... READ MORE

Painful but Worth It -Fort Collins, CO

I have many tattoos from when I was young. Half of them were done by an ex-boyfriend with a homemade gun. He had spent years in prison "perfecting his art" and I decided to let him practice on me. Now it has been 18 years and I want them gone. Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of him... READ MORE

Change Of Heart - Chicago, IL

Well I got this tattoo in spring of 2012. It's about 2.5 by 2.5 inches and it is located on my hip. At first I loved it but now I have completely outgrown it. I am really regretting not giving it more thought in the first place. I've recently considered laser removal and after lots of thought... READ MORE

Cover Up Didn't Cover Up So Much... - Johnson City, TN

So, I've been encouraged/nervous/hopeful/grossed-out by everyone's posts! :-) I'm looking into get one of my tattoo's removed (first consultation is tomorrow). I figured I might as well start tracking my journey now! I first got the tattoo (which was a small, quarter-sized tribal bird) about... READ MORE

Considering Removal After Tattoo Turned out Different to What I'd Hoped For! - Gold Coast, AU

Hi all. About 6 weeks ago i went in to start a large rose tattoo on my side. What i envisioned was three roses going small, big, small on my ribs with some, i guess girly 'swirls'. I sat for a two hour session and what i ended up with was a large completed rose on my hip, and then two slightly... READ MORE

13 Treatments in Trivantage - Twin Falls, ID

I've been getting tattoo removal treatments for a year and 2 months now. Trust me, I was naive and thought oh maybe my tattoo will be removed after 3 or so treatments. Wrong! This has been a long, and extremely painful process. if I knew how long of a process this would be i don't know if I... READ MORE

Various Tattoo Laser Treatments - Allentown, PA

I have had various laser treatments to remove a small black, red and green tattoo off my hip. I have had 15+ treatments, and spent way over 1500 so far. The tattoo has faded but it is a long and painful process. When I received my first consult, I was told 5 treatments would remove the tattoo. ... READ MORE

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