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Rose Hand Tattoo Removal Newport News, Virginia

Hello everyone. I decided to get my tattoo removed because I can't join the military until I get it off and this is something that I've always wanted to do. Anyway I had my first session last friday. I'm doing the R20 treatments. I have 4 sessions in one sitting and have to go back every 90... READ MORE

complete hand tattoo removal

I love all my tattoos but 3 years ago I took the leap on doing my hands. Now wishing I stopped at the wrist. The tattoo is done beautifully but just sick of all the extra attention I get. Even though it's mostly positive. Iv had 2 laser treatments so far. It is a draining experience. Hand gets... READ MORE

Rosary Hand Tattoo That Has Ruined my Life! - Atlanta, GA

When I was a little girl I got burned on my hand by the iron, the mark was always noticeable on my hand and when I got of aged I wanted to cover it with a tattoo. The tattoo artist I went to did a horrible job, so a few months later I got it recovered which I liked it better now, but I think... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Knuckles - Great Britain

I don't hate the tattoo, but I have come to hate the negative attention I've experienced because of it and it does concern me how it might affect me as I get older and not being able to conceal it whatsoever. So I've decided to get it lasered at SK:N clinic in Manchester Uk. It's costing me... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, Neck and Hand Tattoo Removal - South Korea

I am currently in the US ARMY and wanted to look more professional so I decided to correct some childhood decisions and remove my neck and hand tattoos. I researched for sometime now different options and now that i'm stationed in korea which is like plastic surgery capitol SO ITS VERY... READ MORE

Tattoo on Hand Decided It Was Time to Go! - Marietta, GA

I've had this faded tattoo on my hand for 2 years now and I just recently started a new job that is not tattoo friendly so I decided it was time to get rid of it. The specialist I met with was extremely honest told me if I was happy with the results of one session not to come back! The laser... READ MORE

Possible Tattoo Removal. Alabama, AL

I have 12 tattoos that I got when I was a little younger. I'm now 28 and I regret them all. All are done in black ink expect for 3. The ones in black ink, I want ALL gone but I wanna kinda do it one by one. The most visible are my trash hand tattooed and the chest piece I never got finished... READ MORE

My tattoo removal experience - Costa Rica

Hi! I got my knuckle tattoos 6 years ago, I really love how knuckle tattoos looks in lady hands, but my tattoo typography is too small and has a lot of detail, so you can hardly read whats in there now, and thats why I'm removing them with q-switch laser with one of the best dermatologist on my... READ MORE

Ran out of Money - Medford, OR

My tattoo is 1"x1" on my hand. I was concerned about not being hired for a job with it. I took 5 treatments over the course of 9 months that healed quickly each time. The doctor said that should be sufficient, but the tattoo's still there, faded in some areas more than others. I... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal with Yag Laser - Ottawa

Last year I decided to have 3 tattoos removed one is a half sleeve on my forearm and the other 2 cover the top of my hands . I've had a few appointments now maybe 5-6 and I don't see much of a difference. Apart from a bit of fading on some of the line work there's not much going on. The... READ MORE

Glad I Found This Discussion!! - Ontario, CA

It's interesting reading everyone's story ... I got two black tattoos, they look like mendhi, on the backs of my hands two years ago. within a few months I realized I'd made a mistake ... it's just too much to have them on a part of my body I can't hide. I have three other tattoos that I am... READ MORE

Skinial Treatment - Essen, DE

I have done the Skinial treatmen in Germany. It was really painful on my belly, on my hand pain was ok. I remove 2 tattoos with 3-4 treatments, my first treatment is 6 weeks ago. You have 8 weeks to wait, for next treatment. The skin is really red and It looks llike get scarring, but let the... READ MORE

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