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Groupon + Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal of "Regretted" Engangement Ring. Oklahoma City, OK

I got this tattoo at the age of 20 for my daughter's father. We broke up about 6 months later. I decided at the age of 34 I was time to get it removed, it caused me to have to search for wide wedding bands with my current love. It is a very painful but effective procedure, it takes multiple... READ MORE

1st Session of Tattoo Removal! Badly Done? Ripped Off?

Hey all. My names Jessy. I'm 27 from The UK!!! I plan to discuss and document my tattoo removal and reasons for doing so at some point. But for now, I'm curious about something. I had my first laser session today. (Excruciating but I can't wait to see results.) Anyways. I understand that... READ MORE

TATTX Laser Tattoo Removal (For Fading/coverup) - Toronto, ON

I wanted to upload and write about my laser tattoo removal experience I just went through today (literally typing with the bandage on). Thought it would be a good share for those that are considering it and are hesitant. All I'm going to write about for now is the actual process of it as I just... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Methuen Ma

This is my story..when i was 22 yrs old I got a tattoo of my son name on the side of my 2003 i had breast Reduction..The surgeon that did the procedure told me he might have to remove my tattoo which i was ok with it cause i could replace my tattoo in the future..when i woke up from... READ MORE

9 Year Big/Black Tattoo Gone, Minimal Pain, Best Laser!! - Phoenix, AZ

Paradise Valley Dermatology uses one of the best, high-quality lasers in the industry to remove tattoos. The staff uses numbing cream before the procedure, which helps the experience, and I barely noticed any pain. I used groupons before Paradise Valley - big mistake. Go to the professionals... READ MORE

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