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I got tattoos when I was 15! 18 now, removing with picosure!

Hi everyone, I am 18 years old with three itty bitty tattoos that I regret. They are simple line tattoos and thank god that is all I got! I got these when I was 15 when my best friend got hold of a mini tattoo machine and we impulsively gave it go. (very dumb) Ever since I've been whatever about... READ MORE

The New Body. I Stop Doing the Tattoo a Few Years Ago and Got Rid of the Tattoo Addiction - Russia

Hello. I do not know how to tell my story. My English is not very good, but you're the largest community of tattoo removal that I've ever seen. I see that many people here are something like a blog and I want to join. May 7, I went for a consultation and I was told that within a year I can... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal of "Regretted" Engangement Ring. Oklahoma City, OK

I got this tattoo at the age of 20 for my daughter's father. We broke up about 6 months later. I decided at the age of 34 I was time to get it removed, it caused me to have to search for wide wedding bands with my current love. It is a very painful but effective procedure, it takes multiple... READ MORE

Amazing Tattoo Removal. Manhattan, NY

I had a job offer and was denied due to my tattoo located on my finger. Luckily the employer have me the opportunity to remove it and still have the job offer available. So my search in finding the best tattoo removal procedure began. After a couple different consultations with other doctors I... READ MORE

Thick black butterfly on finger and hand. - Romford, GB

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very painful on the finger and swells alot after but here is my journey so far am looking to now have the picosure tattoo removal and have an appointment for march, i can see the difference abit but want your opinion what do you guys think? will i... READ MORE

Closure - The Last Step to End This 6-Year Chapter of my Life - New York, NY

Today was the first step of the final chapter of my six-year marriage to an abusive partner. About two years ago, I tattooed my wife’s name onto my middle finger. You see, she is quite the possessive, jealous, crazy woman and I was always trying extreme ways of making her happy. Quite some t... READ MORE

Tattoo Removel - Temecula, CA

Got my first round of laser treatment to get rid of my tattoo. It's on my ring finger I got it because I am not a jewelery person and I am married and wanted people to know even though I don't like wearing rings. My sister did it for me I always hated it she did a BAD job on it even... READ MORE

Totally Worth It! - San Diego, CA

I had a small 1" x 1" tattoo of a broken heart that had been tattoed in red then covered with black on my wedding finger. I got the consultation and price quote over the phone and was scheduled right away for the first session. The pricing was great; $50/session if I paid each time... READ MORE

Ring Finger Tattoo Removal - Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. Webb removed my ring finger tattoo in his office in less than an hour. I was able to get an appointment witin a week. He and his staff were down to earth. They were friendly yet professional, compassionate and caring. So happy with the results. Beautiful office, felt at ease. I highly... READ MORE

Worst Tattoo Decision EVER! - Vancouver, BC

I live in a small town in northern Canada and took a trip to Vancouver. While I was there I decided that I was going to get a tattoo, and I had been thinking about it the weeks prior to the trip. I wanted to get a small bat because I love Batman so much on my middle finger. I had already had... READ MORE

Wedding Band Tattoo Removal

My experience at Dr. Pousti's clinic was awesome. After many unsuccessful laser treatments at another clinic I decided to have my wedding band tattoo surgically removed. Dr. Pousti and his staff were extremely professional and courteous. My appointments were always on time and they always had... READ MORE

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