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Finally Removing My Tattoo......

Hey everyone ! AT first I'm sorry for my english but it is not my native language. So back in 2010 (maybe early 2011) i got this tattoo on my right foot. And turnt out that i really don't like it..actually i didn't even go to the second appointment....I'm not sure yet if i go for a... READ MORE

Immediate tattoo regret!!

I'm feeling really depressed after getting my new tattoos! They weren't impulse buys, but I'm really unhappy with the work that was done. I had an old tattoo of stars on my foot...he suggested we add "stardust"...and in doing so it ended up looking like a giant purple bruise around the stars.... READ MORE

Amazing Results from First Treatment of Tattoo Removal - Gold Coast, AU

I had my first treatment of tattoo removal at Advanced Tattoo Removal on the Gold Coast of Australia. I treated a tattoo on my foot which was easy & not painful. I also treated a tattoo on my back which definitely hurt more. I had the shading on my back done as I hated it & wanted to... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal at Resetroom with Wayne

I'm having a number of tattoos removed but this revew is specifically for my foot. I've had five sessions so far with Wayne at Reset Room. The pros: * It's working really well. I've had five sessions previously although the red has only been treated twice so far as he didn't have the reds laser... READ MORE

Young and Stupid Last Minute Decision - Tattoo Removal - Chicago, IL

So I haven't started my treatment yet but I just wanted to get feedback from others going through this experience. Less than a month ago I got this whopping tattoo on my foot. My other artist I originally wanted work from had canceled on me, and being heart broken I really just wanted to walk... READ MORE

27 Year Old Woman Removing Foot Tattoo - San Francisco, CA

I am 27 years old and in the process of removing a small, black tattoo on my foot that I got at the stupid age of 19. Matching foot tattoos with your "best friend" from high school seemed like a good idea at the time. Over the years, my relationships and tastes have changed. After I got married... READ MORE

Horrible Deep Wounds from Laser Tattoo Removal ... I Am Scared...- Greece, GR

Its been a month since i get my laser tattoo removal treatment for 1st time and still my foot looks like this you see in the photo... is that kind of normal??? Have anyone that type of wounds from laser tattoo removal ever again???? this is my foot tattoo and i have another one getting removed... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female - Panama City, FL

Wow the mistakes I've made in life just to show a few of them. So I'm working on cleaning up my skin and turning my entire life. This will be my 4th Laser Tattoo treatment on my stomach and my 2nd on my foot and shoulder. I'm not certain if the tattoo ink is too deep on my stomach so I should... READ MORE

Removing my Tattoo on my Foot - Northampton, GB

So after getting my tattoo done at 17 I decided it just wasn't me anymore. Many people have said it's not offensive, but I see it whenever I put a nice dress on and it's just not me. Ok the pain... oh my god!! I don't think giving birth hurt that much! It's like having an electric shock and... READ MORE

Butterfly removal on foot

Reading some of the reviews on here makes me feel that i am not the only one this is happening to! And that others understand the emotional truma an unwanted tattoo can cause. I had a heart cover up with a butterfly 3 weeks ago today.... I loved it the second it was finished but once the penny... READ MORE

Happy to Find Out Laser Removal Wasn't My Only Option! - Kingsport, TN

All in all, I don't dislike tattoos. I just didn't like mine any longer. I had been considering laser removal for some time, but with my skin tone, I was afraid it wasn't the best option. Then, a friend recommended Dr. Bharti. After my consultation, I learned that there was another... READ MORE

New Tattoo Regret. Seattle, WA

Okay, so my last account wouldn't let me write a review for some odd reason, but I'm probably just inept with technology. First off, I would like to say that I have already had two sessions with the quanta-c laser system. I feel like a total moron for getting this tattoo. I should have known as... READ MORE

My Big Blatant Mistake. Canada, CA

Like everyone here I have tattoo regret. The difference is mine is ENORMOUS! Literally. I tried to look all over the internet to find someone else who wants their leg sleeve removed and of course, it seems like I'm the only idiot on this planet stuck with that bad decision. The worst part (yes,... READ MORE

Black Rose, 3 Sessions Already. Russia, RU

Hello everybody! I would like to tell a story about my tattoo. First of all it was a small name of my friend. Agree it was a real very bad idea, I do not know what was my motivation, even she was not a close friend for me... it was like a present for my birthday. Time passed & I understood that... READ MORE

Should I Remove the Tattoo or Fix It??! - Ontario

Hi there! I recently had a tattoo done on my foot with a friend. We decided to get matchin tattoos but didn't exactly think it through. Anyway the idea was nice, matching dream catchers on our foot. We ended up going to this new shop in town and the guy was a little sketchy but we went through... READ MORE

Two Week Old Tattoo.. Already Hate It. Want to Get Lasered for a Cover Up. - Boston, MA

Hi guys, Two weeks ago I went with a few friends to a tattoo place around here. I had a design in mind that I wanted and I went for it on a whim because the artist offered me a discount. I felt apprehensive about it because he kept trying to change my ideas but I went through with it anyway. Now... READ MORE

Picosure Hopefully Works! - Orlando, FL

We'll I got this tattoo about 5years ago. I liked it for a while and then I really started having second thoughts. I decided to get it removed and I found the picosure article on google . After researching it I figured it was probably the best decision for me. I started the removal process... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Burns - Orlando

I have several tattoos starting at my ankle and going down to my foot. I am on my 7th session and see some results but not enough to be impressed about. But the worst thing has been the blood blisters. The worst one was on the top of my foot that I got after the second session. It stood almost... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal for the Upper East Side Professional. New York, NY

I made a lot of mistakes in my 20's...some were enlightening, some were scary but most of all -- most are all easily forgotten...except for the tattoo on the top of my foot that does not match my Christian loboutain heels that I wear to my work meetings. i am in my mid 30s and feel it is time... READ MORE

Regretting my Poor Quality Ink - Corpus Christi, TX

Tomorrow I am going in for a consultation for removal of two tattoos. One is all blue line work and the other is blue, black, grey, and red. The completely blue one is on my foot, the other on my wrist. I got them both in 2011 and liked them initially however now that I am a few years wiser I... READ MORE

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